Chinese Energy Policy

The sources collected here are largely books and journal entries. I’m currently in the process of expanding my search to include other print sources, web materials, and video. In the near future I’ll be posting links to reviews corresponding to the listed books.

The books are ordered chronologically. While the first two are likely out of date on specifics, the first is in Allegheny Library’s resources and provides some history of Chinese energy policy, and the second provides an insider’s perspective that may be uniquely valuable.

Energy in China’s modernization: advances and limitations
Vaclav Smil (1988)
Armonk, N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe; ISBN: 0873324234, 9780873324236

Fueling one billion : an insider’s story of Chinese energy policy development (Review)
Yingzhong Lu (1993)
Washington, D.C. : Washington Institute Press; ISBN: 088702064X

The economics of energy policy in China : implications for global climate change
Zhong Xiang Zhang (1998)
Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA, USA : E. Elgar Pub.; ISBN: 1858986141, 9781858986142

China’s quest for energy security
Erica Strecker Downs (2000)
English Book Book Internet Resource Internet Resource
Santa Monica, CA : Rand; ISBN: 0833028847, 9780833028846

China’s worldwide quest for energy security
International Energy Agency; Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. (2000)
Paris : OECD/IEA, ; ISBN: 9264176489 : 9789264176485

Energy at the crossroads : global perspectives and uncertainties (Review)
Smil, Vaclav (2005)
Cambridge, Mass. ; London : MIT Press
(Note: this book is listed under China Energy Policy, though I’m having difficulties assessing just how much is actually about China)

China’s energy future : the Middle Kingdom seeks its place in the sun (Short Review)
Robert E Ebel (2005)
Washington, D.C. : The CSIS Press, Center for Strategic and International Studies; ISBN: 0892064730

China’s power sector reforms: where to next? (Online)
Caroline Varley (2006)
Paris : International Energy Agency; ISBN: 9264109889

Powering China’s development: the role of renewable energy
Eric Martinot; Junfeng Li; Lisa Mastny (2007)
Washington, DC : Worldwatch Institute,; ISBN: 9781878071835, 1878071831

Sustainable energy in China: the closing window of opportunity
Noureddine Berrah (2007)
Washington, DC : World Bank ; ISBN: 9780821367537, 0821367536, 9780821367544 (electronic), 0821367544 (electronic)

When searching for journals on the subject CIAO, Wilson Web, and Academic OneFile all had significant resources. Collected here are a sampling of those I felt would likely be most pertinent. Additionally the “China Environmental Series” of studies at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars includes useful sections, as does the “Beijing Journal” (in Allegheny’s archives). Those articles likely most useful in the “Beijing Journal” are “The Power of Law,” “Powering Ahead,” “Reviewing China’s Energy Policies,” and “Better Late Than Never.” More of these will be added soon.

Singh, Swaran. “Strategic Analysis: A Monthly Journal of the IDSA.” China’s Energy Policy for the 21st Century (March 1999): Vol. XXII No. 12

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Parenti, C. (2009). “Can China Catch a Cool Breeze?” The Nation, 288(17), 20-2.  Link

Downs, E. S. “China‘s “New” Energy Administration.” China Business Review v. 35 no. 6 (November/December 2008) p. 42-5. PDF link.

Burke, M. (2007). “Feeding the Chinese dragon.” Chemistry & Industry, 18-20. PDF link.

Lastly, these are a few web-resources that are very timely and from what appear to be very credible sources. Some of these will potentially contain other articles on the site, as the pages (non-PDF) are largely from sites that focus on either environmental concerns or Chinese energy policy.

Jiahua, Pan. (2009). “Tough Challenges for China.” (Part 1), (Part 2)

Center for American Progress. (2009). “China Begins Its Transition to a Clean-Energy Economy.” Link

The China Sustainable Energy Program. (2009). Link

National Renewable Energy Laboratory. (2009). PDF Link

UK Research Centre for Sustainable Development. “Understanding China’s Energy Policy.” PDF Link

A long, technical breakdown of China’s energy supply (not policy related) by the US Energy Information Administration. PDF Link