Student Clubs

Blurry photo of bike spokes.Allegheny College Bike Share

The Bike Share Club aims to maintain and organize the bike fleet that is available at the library, as well as to encourage bike culture on campus. We also teach people how to fix bikes and repair student’s personal bikes.  If you have any questions or would like to become involved with Bike Share, contact them at

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Allegheny College Bird Club  Blue bird on branch.

Students in Bird Club enjoy meeting once a week to search out different species of birds around the Meadville area.  Contact the AC Birdclub or follow them on Instagram @ac_birdclub.

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Student poses with containers of food recovered from dining hall.Allegheny College Food Recovery Network

Allegheny’s Chapter of Food Recovery Network strives to minimize food waste from Brooks Dining Hall and address food insecurity by recovering uneaten food and distributing it to local service organizations such as CHAPS, St. James Haven, and Women’s Services. To find out how you can get connected, email the Allegheny College Food Network at or follow them on Instagram @acfoodrecovery.

Allegheny Outing Club    Students whitewater rafting.

The Outing Club is committed to providing safe, educational and challenging adventures to all members of the Allegheny College community regardless of experience or skill level. Through a core group of leaders, members are committed to sharing enthusiasm and passion for the outdoors by teaching the skills required to safely and respectfully explore the delicate wonders of nature. We will see you in the woods!

If you would like to be a part of team, contact the Outing Club.

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Image of fist with the earth painted on it.GreenSOCS

The Green Students of Color Society (pronounced Greensox) is dedicated to nurturing and mentoring students of color to make a difference for the environment. Their mission is to “Promote environmental activism and empower students of color to explore Environmental Science! Everyone is welcome :-))!” Student-run and student-organized, Green SOCS has organized, participated in, and hosted a series of all campus events: The International Climate Strike; sewing and patching workshop to teach how to repurpose used and vintage clothes and promote sustainable fashion; The Green New Deal for Meadville, Pennsylvania; a sustainable eating and homemade pizza workshop; hiking events; muraling; and education on food deserts and how we fight them.  Follow them on Instagram @greensocs_allegheny

Students for Environmental Action   Students protesting during the climate march.

The Students of Environmental Action (SEA) at Allegheny College help to educate the campus community about environmental issues happening worldwide and locally. We also aim to help people learn how to live more sustainably and encourage the administration to be more sustainable. We host events, take students to conferences and protests, and hold discussions.

If you have questions or would like to become involved with SEA, send an email to

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