Real World Experiences


All of our students conduct 3 real world environmental & sustainability projects during their time within the department.  In addition to class projects, we encourage students to study away from campus, complete internships, or get involved in research.  See below for some of those amazing opportunities!

Semester Study Away

We encourage students to study away through a variety of opportunities. The environmental-focused sponsored programs through the college include:


We offer 4 internship opportunities directly through the department.  These are regularly scheduled classes that count toward your ESS major.

  • ENVSC 530: Campus Sustainability
  • ENVSC 531: Local Food & Agriculture
  • ENVSC 532: Community Sustainability
  • ENVSC 533: Environmental Education

In addition to these opportunities, we connect students with other off-campus experiences both during the semester and throughout the summer.  Take a look at current opportunities for our students here!


Through courses, independent studies, and endowments by generous alumni, many students are receiving professional certifications during their time studying within our department.  Those certifications include:

  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners PV Associate Credential
  • FAA  Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification for Drone Licensure

Other Unique Opportunities:

Creek Connections

Creek Connections has forged an effective partnership between Allegheny College and regional K-12 schools to turn waterways in Northwest Pennsylvania, Southwest New York, and the Pittsburgh area into outdoor environmental laboratories. Emphasizing a hands-on, inquiry based investigation of local waterways, this project annually involves over 40 different secondary schools and the classes of 50 teachers.

Creek Connections

Watershed Conservation Research Center

Located on the campus of Allegheny College, the Watershed Conservation Research Center engages in strategic conservation activities and trains future watershed stewards to protect, restore, and enhance our land and water resources for future generations in the upper Allegheny River basin, focusing on the French Creek Watershed.

Watershed Conservation Research Center

Field Studies

Allegheny is ideally located for the study of the natural environment and areas affected by human activity. Nearby field-study areas include: Allegheny National Forest, Erie National Wildlife Refuge, Presque Isle State Park, Geneva wetlands, numerous lakes and streams.

Allegheny College owns the Bousson Environmental Research Reserve, a couple miles east of campus is 283 acres of woodlands, ponds, streams, wetlands, diverse habitats and native wildlife.

Bousson Forest