Study Away and Internships


Off-Campus Study

The department encourages students to participate in off-campus opportunities. A few of the programs offered include:

  • Arava Institute for Environmental Studies: a semester- or year-long program in sustainable development and peace at Kibbutz Ketura, Israel.
  • School for Field Studies in Costa Rica: a semester-long first-hand study of ecological, social, and political aspects of sustainable development in Costa Rica.
  • The Ecosystems Center: a semester of intensive terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem study in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.
  • Duke Marine Biological Lab: a semester-long study of marine ecology and policy. Part of the semester is spent at Duke’s Beaufort Marine Station and part at the Bermuda Biological Laboratory.

Experiential Learning


Half of all department majors participate in internships. Recent examples:

  • Conservation biology: Erie National Wildlife Refuge, Tamarack Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
  • Soil erosion: Crawford County Conservation District
  • Land use planning: Crawford County Planning Commission
  • Environmental regulation: Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Industrial ecology: PPG Industries, Channellock, Inc., Meadville, Pa.
  • Environment and religion: The Glinodo Center, Erie, Pa.

Creek Connections

Creek Connections has forged an effective partnership between Allegheny College and regional K-12 schools to turn waterways in Northwest Pennsylvania, Southwest New York, and the Pittsburgh area into outdoor environmental laboratories. Emphasizing a hands-on, inquiry based investigation of local waterways, this project annually involves over 40 different secondary schools and the classes of 50 teachers.

Project Goals:

  • Regional Schools and College Collaborative
  • Hands-On Investigative Project
  • Ongoing Water Quality Analysis
  • Increase Awareness of Natural Resources
Creek Connections

Community Wellness Initiative

The Community Wellness Initiative (CWI) is a collaborative effort among several organizations and institutions to improve wellness in Meadville. Our primary strategies to improve wellness are to increase food education and food access and to support our local food system.

Community Wellness Initiative website

Field Studies

Allegheny is ideally located for the study of the natural environment and areas affected by human activity. Nearby field-study areas include: Allegheny National Forest, Erie National Wildlife Refuge, Presque Isle State Park, Geneva wetlands, numerous lakes and streams.

Allegheny College owns the Bousson Environmental Research Reserve, a couple miles east of campus is 283 acres of woodlands, ponds, streams, wetlands, diverse habitats and native wildlife.

Bousson Forest