Culture 2 Culture Peer Mentoring Program

One of the first resources available for new international students at Allegheny is the Culture 2 Culture (C2C) peer mentoring program. Culture 2 Culture helps new international students with the transition to life at Allegheny College and in the US.  Each new international student is paired with a current Allegheny student, who will act as a mentor and guide during your first semester at Allegheny. Mentors offer opportunities for social interaction, and help you to feel welcome! As part of the program, you are enrolled in a 1 credit course in the fall semester. The course will help you learn strategies for success in an American classroom.

Course Description: EXL 102 Culture2Culture
An experiential learning-based course for participants in the Culture 2 Culture Peer Mentoring Program. Course emphasizes the practice of cross-cultural understanding and communication through the curricular and co-curricular. Participants examine cultural identities to improve cultural competency and learn communication skills necessary to engage in successful cross-cultural relationships. Students apply knowledge learned from readings and simulations to their community engagement opportunities. Course prepares students for engagement in a global society by facilitating the development of leadership skills and awareness of cultural influences that impact interpersonal interactions. Module A, one credit.

Why participate in C2C?
Through the C2C program you will get to know Allegheny College and the academic expectations better, learn more about the US and Meadville, and meet new people. The program is meant to help you adjust to life at Allegheny while helping you to make lifelong friends. Before you even arrive on campus, you will have gotten to know your mentor and have made your first Allegheny friend!

Who will my mentor be?
C2C mentors are carefully selected Allegheny students (both international and American) who have been trained to help new international students with the transition to life on campus. Many C2C mentors have studied abroad themselves and understand the importance of making new connections.

What types of things will my mentor and I do together?
Mentors will be here to greet you upon your arrival to campus in August, and will help you through the orientation process. Throughout the fall semester, you and your C2C mentor will have class together and will also participate in activities outside of class. Some past activities students have done together:

  • Enjoy a meal/coffee
  • Mentors can introduce you to their friends and other Allegheny Students
  • Go shopping or to a movie
  • Go to campus events together like the International Dinner
  • Cook Thanksgiving Dinner together
  • Take trips with the Global Education Office to Niagara Falls, Pittsburgh, etc.
  • Language conversation practice. Many of our C2C mentors speak another language or are interested in learning yours! This is a great way to practice your English skills if English is not your first language.
  • C2C mentors may even invite you home to meet their family to spend an American holiday with them.

How do I get a mentor?
Make sure to talk to Lenée McCandless to find out more about the C2C Program and getting a mentor!

Interested in becoming a C2C mentor? Go here