Matt Zaborowski ’17 Attends Dental School Program


The desire to pursue a career in the dental field has been a lifelong goal for pre-dental student Matt Zaborowski ’17. The global health studies major and biology minor attended the 2015 Discover Dental School Program held at Stony Brook University’s School of Dental Medicine located in Long Island, NY. Sixty undergraduate students from 50+ universities from the United States and Canada participated in this event from August 2 -7, 2015.

This week long program, in its third year, is designed to give pre-dental students hands on experience in the growing profession of dentistry, including exposure to simulated patient interactions, operative techniques as well as exposure to the most innovative technologies of the profession and corresponding specialties.

Zaborowski recounts his experience where he states, “During the week I performed activities (on simulators) that 3rd and 4th year dental students learn about. I performed a pulpectomy (root canal), crown preparation, repairing and restoring cavities, placing implants, administering Novocain, and inserting an IV. We then had a day where we participated in a specialty boot camp that included orthodontic work, such as placing orthodontic brackets; periodontal procedures; endodontics, and oral surgery.”

When asked what his favorite part of this program was, Zaborowski couldn’t come up with a single answer. He notes, “Everything we did that week was incredible. I can still feel the drill in my hand, and can’t wait to use it in clinical practice.”

For Zaborowski, the Discover Dental School Program was an opportunity that he will never forget. He says, “This program was an amazing hands-on experience that was more than I could have ever imagined and has solidified my aspirations to pursue a career in the dental field.”

Zaborowski adds, “I would like to thank Kirsten Peterson for informing me of this wonderful program and aiding in my acceptance to attend this event. I would also like to thank the Global Health Studies (GHS) Department faculty, especially Professors Dawson and Waggett, for encouraging me to attend.”

Students interested in careers in the health professions and in this and other experiential learning opportunities may contact Director of Pre-Professional Studies Kirsten Peterson at

Photo: Allegheny College student Matt Zaborowski ’17 with his typodont placed two braces on the upper front teeth.