Cooperative Programs in Allied Health Professions

Nursing: 3-3 (Masters of Nursing) Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing of Case Western Reserve.

Occupational Therapy: 3 + 2 with Chatham University (see K. Peterson for details) Changes are expected to occur soon in this program. Check their website to keep apprised of the changes.

Physical Therapy: 4yr + 7 semesters with Chatham University (new – see K Peterson for details)

Physician Assistant Studies: 3yr + 16 months with Chatham University (see K Peterson for details)

Note: Cooperative programs lead to a Bachelor’s degree from Allegheny in the appropriate field.

General Information:

The formal cooperative programs with other institutions normally require the successful completion of 96 semester credit hours in residence at Allegheny College. To be eligible for cooperative program consideration, all students must complete the Liberal Studies requirements including a concentration outside the division of the major; the courses identified for an approved major; and the physical education requirement. There are additional specific course requirements for cooperative programs and students should consult with the Health Professions Advisor in planning their academic work. These course requirements are found on the following pages.

Students planning cooperative programs may complete a major in one of two ways. They may select an existing major at the College and work out, with assistance, a program that fulfills the requirements of that major and of the second institution. In these cases, the students simply complete the cooperative programs agreement and the department of the major governs the relationship. When the Allegheny degree is awarded, the student will be considered to have completed a major in that Allegheny department.

Alternatively, the student may choose to pursue a cooperative program under the auspices of the student-designed major. In these cases, the student will design a program that meets Allegheny’s requirements for a student-designed major and the requirements of the second institution. The Allegheny requirement includes finding two faculty in an area related to the student-designed major willing to serve as advisors.

All students who plan to formally enroll in a 3 + cooperative program must complete an appropriate form in January of their junior year certifying their arrangements with Allegheny College. This form is available from the Registrar.

Cooperative programs are usually quite competitive, and all cooperative institutions establish specific prerequisite courses and grade point averages to gain admission. Admission to these programs is competitive and the existence of a coop arrangement does not guarantee admission.