For students who want to work on the front lines of medicine and are interested in direct patient care, nursing may be an excellent choice. There are several options with an undergraduate degree from Allegheny. If your interest is solely in bedside nursing or nursing in an office or clinic setting, then a second degree program leading to a BSN or a bridge type of program leading to an RN license may be enough. There are a number of “fast track” programs, typically requiring 5 semesters of classroom and clinical training that lead to the second, BSN, degree, or the RN license.

For a more autonomous role in patient care, consider a masters (MSN or NP) or doctor of nursing (DNP) degree. Advanced degree nurses manage patients, provide primary and acute care, and prescribe medication. Specialist nursing, such as a nurse midwifery, is also available. Many nursing schools are now accepting students with other undergraduate backgrounds into these programs. These programs are at least two years long and include an intensive, fulltime internship semester. The doctor of nursing is the preferred degree for a nurse who plans to teach or pursue a high level administrative job.


Typical requirements for accelerated B.S.N. or direct-entry M.S.N. programs:

General Biology with lab Bio 220, 221, & FS Bio 201

General Chemistry with lab Chem 120 & 122

Human Anatomy with lab Bio 367 (offered every other year)

Physiology with lab Bio 380

Microbiology with lab Bio 310

Statistics: one semester Bio 385 or Psych 207

Nutrition: one semester Must be taken elsewhere


Additional recommendations: Nursing programs can vary significantly in their prerequisite courses. Additional required courses may include:

Human growth and development Psych 160

Organic Chemistry I Chem 231

Introductory Psychology Psych 110

Ethics Phil 140 or 385 (medical)

Special Cooperative Program with Case Western Reserve University

Allegheny and Case Western Reserve have a cooperative agreement that allows students to gain both a BS/BA from Allegheny and a nursing degree from the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve U. Students spend 3 years at Allegheny and 2-4 years at the School of Nursing. Details may be found on the web site: