Conserving Paper and Print Points

Conserve By Printing Fewer Pages

  • Print only the pages you need – If you only need a hard copy of a single sub-section of a document, choose to print the page range that you need. Consider printing an article without the bibliography and refer to the electronic copy as needed.
  • Reduce the number of copies that you print – Print only as many copies as you need and limit the number of extras. Is it possible for groups to share handouts rather than having one copy per person?
  • Review your document carefully before printing – Before you print check the properties of your document. By using the print preview feature, you can avoid printing blank pages and catch formatting errors. If you catch it before you send it to the printer you will avoid the need to re-print the document.
  • Decrease font size – Consider decreasing the font size of your document to squeeze more content on to fewer pages.
  • Decrease margins – Decrease the size of the margins to fit more text on each page.
  • Use duplex printers when possible –  Using duplex capable printers will allow you to print on both sides of the page to conserve paper and use fewer Print Points.
  • Print multiple pages per side –  Consider printing multiple pages per side of paper if you are reviewing documents or creating hand-outs.

Conserve By Using Electronic Documents

  • Read documents in electronic form when possible – You can avoid excessive printing by reading your documents on your computer or mobile device.
  • Store documents in Google Drive – Instead of keeping paper copies of your documents, store them in Google Drive. You can also easily share documents with others and access your documents online anywhere that you have an Internet connection.
  • Only print final copies – By reviewing and editing your drafts in their electronic formats you can save paper by only printing the final copy.