Informer: College Report Server



All data viewable on Informer is property of Allegheny College. Your use of an Informer account and the data accessed through that account is no different from access granted to the Colleague system, including all restrictions and guidelines adhered to by the college.

Informer is a web based reporting tool that connects to the college’s administrative database system (Ellucian Colleague) to deliver accurate and consistent information from the shared repository used by all departments on campus.

To access Informer, open any web browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge) and go to Note that some old bookmarks to Informer may use an address which now will give a security warning. We recommend that you begin using the URL above.

Informer5 uses single sign on authentication using your Allegheny Google account. If you are logged into your Allegheny email, click Log In and you will be redirected to the home page of Informer 5.

A good general policy is to never share your password with anyone, share data with no one outside of the college, and shred any printed data when you are done with it.

Useful Links
Informer5 User Guide
Informer5 Training – Basic Usage
Informer5 Training – Advanced Usage
Informer5 Training – Visuals


If you have any questions, contact ITS via WebHelpDesk ticket and choose the Request Type: Enterprise Systems (Colleague, Informer, Webadvisor, etc.)