Technology Proficiency: Google Calendar

For Help with these skills, visit the Google Calendar Help center or contact the InfoDesk.

Google_CalendarBasic Proficiency

  1. Create an event in Calendar.
    1. Edit details and describe meetings
    2. Attach documents to event
    3. Set notifications, email or pop-up window
    4. Control visibility; Use “show me as”
    5. Make a repeating event
  2. Invite guests
    1. Use “find a time” to schedule with guests
    2. Understand difference between optional and required guests
    3. Adjust guest permissions
    4. Send an invite via email
    5. Email guests
  3. Share Calendars
    1. Control visibility
    2. Share with specific people
    3. Share with groups
    4. Make public
    5. Adjust permission settings
  4. Create additional Calendars.
  5. Set-up and use two-factor authentication

Advanced Proficiencies

  1. Sync Calendar with Smartphone App, Use Mobile Calendar Page
  2. Manage a calendar for someone else

Last updated March 17, 2015