Technology Proficiency: Spreadsheets

SpreadsheetFor Help with these skills, visit the Google Sheets Help center.

Basic Proficiency

  1. Understand the difference between Cell, Row, Column, Sheet, and Workbook
  2. Format Content
    • Format cell content type – ie Text, Number Currency, etc.
    • Align content in cell
      • Horizontal Alignment
      • Vertical Alignment
      • Wrap Text in Cell
    • Change font
    • Change font size
    • Merge Cells
    • Create borders
  3. Navigate Cells
    • Scrolling and Clicking on Cell
    • Keyboard navigation
      • Enter and Shift+Enter to move down or up in a column
      • Tab and Shift+Tab to move right or left in a row
  4. Perform basic Calculations
    • Sum, Average, Count
    • Create custom calculation
  5. Protect workbook content
    • Protect cells and work sheets
  6. Printing
    • Use fit to width, print selection, change orientation to produce readable physical copies.
    • Use Print features appropriately
      • Repeat row headers on each page
      • Include document title, sheet name, page number
  7. Sort content
    • Organize content based on information of a column
  8. Filter content
    • Turn on filtering
    • Select criteria to narrow the viewable data

Advanced Proficiency

  1. Create Charts from Sheet information
  2. Import/export content
    • import content from .txt, .csv, tab delimited files
    • export from .xlsx to txt, .csv, etc.

Last updated March 17, 2015