Technology Proficiency: Word Processing

For Help with these skills, visit the Google Docs Help Center, Microsoft Word 2010 Tutorials

Basic Proficiency

  1. Format Text
    • Choose a new font
    • Change font size
    • Apply bold, italic, and underline
    • Use Format Painter to apply format to selected text.
  2. Copy, Cut, Paste and Delete
    • Select Text (word, sentence, paragraph, etc.)
    • Use Right Click menu or Menu Buttons
    • Use Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. Spelling and Grammar
    • Use spell and grammar checking tools
    • Add common word to personal dictionary
  4. Position Text
    • Align text (left, center, right, justified)
    • Set and Format Tabs to space information consistently
    • Select appropriate line spacing
    • Page and section breaks
  5. Organize Data
    • Add a table
    • Add column and rows
  6. Format Page
    1. Change margins
    2. Create columns
    3. Change page orientation
  7. Document Protection
    1. Save as PDF (Limit Editing)
    2. Password Protection (Limit Access)
    3. Share As View Only

Intermediate Proficiency

  1. Collaborative Editing
    1. Microsoft Word – Tracking changes, Accept/Reject Suggestions
    2. Google Docs – Suggest Changes, Insert Comment, Revision History
  2. Converting to different file type.
    1. Save As (Microsoft Word)
    2. Download As (Google Docs)
  3. Using Graphics
    1. Insert graphic
    2. Position graphic on page
    3. Position text around graphic

Advanced Proficiency

  1. Mail Merge
    • Create Form Letter
    • Link Form Letter to Information Source
    • Merge data into a form letter
  2. Advanced Organization
    • Insert Headers and Footers
    • Insert Table of Contents
  3. Use Footnotes or Endnotes

Last updated March 17, 2015