Wireless Configuration Guide for Android

  1. Go to Settings. Select Connections.
    Android Settings
  2. Select Wi-Fi.Connections settings
  3. Select AC-Students (or AC-Employees for employees)Android wireless networks
  4. After selecting the network, an advanced configuration menu will pop up.
  5. Enter PEAP for the EAP method.
  6. Enter MSCHAPv2 for the Phase 2 authentication.
  7. Enter your username under Identity and your password under Password.
  8. Leave everything else as the default. Note that some Android devices may need to have the “CA Certificate” field changed to “Do not validate”.
    Screenshot of the correct settings for connecting an Android phone to AC Wireless
  9. Note that you may need to open the Advanced settings to see all of those listed above.
  10. Under Privacy, choose Use device MAC (on some devices, this is listed as Use phone MAC or similar phrasing).
  11. Some Android devices will ask you to enter a domain. If yours does, enter allegheny.edu as the domain.
  12. Click Connect at the bottom of the configuration dialog.
  13. Your device should then automatically connect to wireless network.
Android devices older than version 7.1.1 will no longer be able to connect to the wireless network.