Senior Project Titles – 1986 to present

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January 2021 Tenley Albright

How Gender Bias and China’s One Child Policy Led to the Human Trafficking Crisis in China

April 2021 Samantha Darris The Impacts of Education on Marital Practices in Morocco
April 2021 Sam Dunham Critiquing the ‘Pink Tide’: Assessing the Shortcomings of Progressive, Populist Politics of 21st-Century Latin America
December 2020 Erin Hartwiger Tekk Teggui and Tontines: Microfinance’s Solutions to Exclusionary Neoliberal Policy in Senegal
April 2021 Markeyda Jones The Beauty in the Chinese Dream: The Realities/Implications of Women in China’s Consumerist Society
April 2021 Sam Keane-Paul German Textbooks in the 1950’s and 1960’s: The Historical Narrative and the Vergangenheitsbewältigung
April 2021 Yadira Sánchez-Esparza ¡El Estado opresor es un macho violador!: Feminist Mobilization against the Femicide State of Mexico
April 2021 Joseph Silvester Full Dollarization as a Means of Development in Latin America
December 2020 Melanie Torres Cabrera French Development Aid in Senegal: An analysis of French bilateral, multilateral, and non-
governmental project models


April 2020 Akeem Adesiji Building Political Will for a Pro-Environment President
April 2020 Giancarlo Aguilar  MORENA: Emergence and Consolidation of Left Parties in Mexico
April 2020 Samantha Awe Reconciliation in Post-Conflict Peru: The Impact of the Transitional Justice Measures on the Indigenous Population
April 2020 Kayla Bilger “Que sea ley”: La Campaña por el Derecho al Aborto Legal, Seguro y Gratuito y la lucha por los derechos reproductivos en Argentina
April 2020 Brianna Campbell Effect of Democratization on the Mexican Teachers’ Union
December 2020 George Castellon Castillo A History of the Multi-Generational Quest for Full Citizenship From Colonial Algeria to Post-Colonial France
April 2020 Elyse Cinquino Why is Mexico’s PRD party in decline?: A case study of the cycle of a political party
June 2020 Skyler Clark In The Name of Liberation: The Resiliency of the CONAIE and Its Ability to Maintain Its Autonomy
April 2020 Madeline Fodor Socio-Cultural and Structural Barriers to HIV Public Health Interventions in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
April 2020 Kaitlin Franzen Where is the Apology?: An Interpretation of Historical Commemoration and Collective Memory of the Nanjing Massacre and Its Contemporary Impact
April 2020 Kyle Kanell The Pursuit of Diplomacy: Intervention and Implementation of Diplomatic Devices by the United States in Afghanistan
April 2020 Rayshon Knight, II The Catalonian Independence Movement: What factors would allow for Catalonia to become independent and how would the region’s secession affect the country of Spain?
April 2020 Eve Laden Mauro State Repression against Soccer Ultras: A Comparative Case Study of Turkey and Egypt
April 2020 Alexia McCrary African Migrants in Guanzhou
April 2020 Gabriel McIntire An Analysis of Mexican Drug Cartel’s Insurgence into Politics
April 2020 Adaobi Njoku-obi Win-Win or Win-Lose?: The Double Edged Sword of Chinese-African Cooperation
April 2020 Sarah Shapley Allegheny & Internationalization


April, 2019 Thea Gamboa Public Opinion in the case of Syrian Refugees: A Comparative Case Study of Germany and France
April, 2019 Camila Gomez “No Me Gustan Los Moros”: Racism and Xenophobia in Spain
April, 2019 Abigail Johnson Lost in Translation: The Global, National, Institutional, and Individual Barriers Limiting Participation in the Erasmus Program
April, 2019 Aurora Lynd Conjugal Rape in Modern French Society
April, 2019 Laura McClain Protest Culture in France: A Legacy and a Heritage
April, 2019 Emily Smith Impedida por “La Raza Chilena”: La integración de los inmigrantes andinos en Chile (1990-2019)


 April, 2018  Tyler Allen How Islamic Extremist Groups Use Religion in Recruitment Propaganda
 April, 2018  Antoinette Donofrio Movement for Development: An Analysis of Recent Migration Trends and Socio-Political Change in Morocco
 April, 2018  Amanda LaRocca  The Victims of the Industry: How is Legalized Prostitution Affecting Sex Trafficking within the European Union?
 April, 2018  Chenrong Li Opportunities for Social Mobility Among Second-Generation Immigrants in France
 April, 2018  Dakota Manson The Linguistic Effect: The Inequalities of the Arabic and Hebrew Language in Education Policies of Israel
 April, 2018  Eric Pingel Is Germany Becoming More “Normal?” Identity, Historical Memory, and European Integration in the Federal Republic
 April, 2018  Angeline Sporrer  Denaturalization in France: A Case Study in the Age of Terror


Completion Date Student Name Title
April, 2017 Katarina D’Ercole Political Perceptions: How Germany Perceives Russian Aggression
April, 2017 Alexis Dickman How China’s Family Planning Laws Reflect Attitudes Toward Congenital Disabilities
April, 2017 Edson Hernandez Aid effectiveness and its contribution in economic development in post-colonial countries: A case study of France and Senegal
April, 2017 Justin Litus What makes French Land French: A Historical Interpretation of Education and Language during the Annexation of Alsace-Lorraine from 1871-1919
April, 2017 Ricardo Llovet-Nava Muslim Heritage Minorities within the French Educational System
April, 2017 Grant Marthinsen De-Ba’athification, the Institutionalization of Sectarianism, and the Rise of Daesh in Iraq
April, 2017 Ashley Mulryan How Mexico Remembers the Dirty War: A Study in Collective Memory
April, 2017 Kevin Orr From Conquest to Care: Ecology and Contemporary American Poetry
April, 2017 Amasa Smith Convergence and Divergence: French and German Immigration Policy Since WWII
April, 2017 Amelia Spitzer How the Systemic Use of Torture by the French led to the Independence of Algeria
April, 2017 Lisa Taapken The Future of the Moroccan Women’s Rights Movement in the Wake of the 2004 Personal Status Code Reforms
April, 2017 Lora Waybright From Gut Microbiota to Macro-Level Influences: A Cross-Cultural Examination of the Statistically Reported Prevalence of Depression with an Acute, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of a Daily Multi-Species, Multi-Strain Probiotic Examining Depressive Symptoms in Young Adults


Completion Date Student Name Title
April, 2016 Thomas Alvarez The Evolution, Resilience, and Future of Bolívar’s Dream: Reevaluating Regional Integration in a Post-Liberal, Post-Hegemonic Latin America
April, 2016 Alexandra Ashbrook Writing History Under the Pine Trees: An Examination of Pre-Modern Chinese Environmental Past, Treatment, and Tradition from Neolithic Cultures to 1800
April, 2016 Kevin Caler The Crowning of a Democracy: The Role of the Spanish Monarchy in the Democratization of Spain
April, 2016 Paul Cancilla Democracy and Urban Space: The Relationship between the Rise of the Privatization of Urban Space and the Emergence of Democracy in Mexico City
April, 2016 Daniela Cuellar Why have Brazil and the United States not pursued a Free Trade Agreement? A Brazilian Perspective
April, 2016 Anna Doten Postmobilization in Bolivia: Exploring Origins and Outcomes
April, 2016 Mikki Franklin The impact of Hamas and various Israeli spoiler movements on the peace process
April, 2016 Kelly Frantz Saving Quichua: An Examination of Intercultural Bilingual Education in Ecuador under the Correa Administration
April, 2016 Alyssa King Interpreting Mainstream Republicanism and the Agency of Women of Muslim Heritage in Ethnic Feminist Organizations in France
April, 2016 Bryn Philibert Guerrilleras, Revolutionaries, and Mothers: Women’s Agency and Conflict in Latin America
April, 2016 Katherine Touscany How the French Republican system deters integration of second-generation Algerian immigrants in France
April, 2016 Winona Vaitekunas Putting the ‘gypt’ in Egypt: The Copts’ Connection to Egyptian Politics


Completion Date Student Name Title
April, 2015 Mario Buffalini The Argentine Default and Debt Restructuring: The Economic Crisis and Dealing with Outstanding Debt, 1983-2012
April, 2015 Danielle Frank Incorporation of Bolivian Migrants in Argentine Society
April, 2015 Amanda Geary A comprehensive investigation of Senegal’s waste management system and its effects on human health
April, 2015 Kathryn Goodman Framing Historical Memory: The Nanjing Massacre, Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands and The Yasukuni Shrine and their Historical Memory for China and Japan
April, 2015 Stefanie Gutierrez Cuadra Inevitable Realities: Violence In Honduras And Nicaragua
April, 2015 Kalyssa King Reassessing the Goals of the Past: A Reflection on the Development, Creation, and Outcomes of Plan Colombia
April, 2015 Timothy Kloeppel Hitler’s Consolidation of Power via the Remilitarization of the Rhineland (1936)
April, 2015 Zania Narvaez-Garcia The Relationship between Immigration Policies and Visual Arts Concerning Mexican Migration to the United States beginning in 1942
April, 2015 Phil Powell Group Cohesion and Civil War Outcome
April, 2015 Taylor Sherbine What’s There to Learn?: The Diminishing Relationship Between Education and Economic Growth in the Middle East and North Africa
January, 2015 Randi Smail They Love U.S., They Love U.S. Not: Perceptions of the United States by the Modern Youth of France
April, 2015 Samantha Wanko Pollution In China and How It Altered the Relationship Between the Government and the People
April, 2015 Rosalie Woolf French Involvement in Syria and Lebanon: An Examination of the Indirect French Contributions to the Lebanese Civil War of 1975


Completion Date Student Name Title
April, 2014 Marionna Bennett The Marginalization of Immigrant Populations: A Comparison of Federal and Local Level Government Integration Policies in Spain
April, 2014 Jessica Bonzo Mass Killing in Civil Wars
April, 2014 Katelyn Chambers  The Cause of All Free Men: An Examination of Movements for Algerian Independence in France during the Algerian War
April, 2014 Serafina Lanna Migration and Development in Senegal
April, 2014 Amanda Lee A Comparative Analysis of the United States’ Civil Rights Movement and the May 1968 French Student Protests: Similarities in the Convergence of the Two Movements
January, 2014 Kassandra Martinchek The Poverty Trap of Buenos Aires: Exploring How Economic and Geographic Marginalization Reproduces and Perpetuates Chronic Poverty in Villas Miserias
January, 2014 Charles Murphy Continuity and Change Over Time in Egypt: The Military Coup of 1952 and the 2011 Revolution
January, 2014 James Scales Zen and the Art of the Fugue: The Aesthetic Link Between the Music of Johann Sebastian Bach and Zen Buddhism
April, 2014 Elisa Portillo Wein Investigating Ecuador’s National Plan for Good Living 2009-2013: A Critical Analysis of Sustainable Development, Rafael Correa, and Buen Vivir


Completion Date Student Name Title
April, 2013 Leigh Charland  What causes Genocide? A Comparison of Benjamin Valentino’s and Matthew Krain’s theories of Genocide Onset in the German and Guatemalan cases
April, 2013  Jordyn Chartier La Lengua Porteña: A Historical Linguistic Perspective
April, 2013  Catherine Divilly The French Referendum for the Treaty on the European Constitution
April, 2013  Molly Durot The Creation of Juan and Eva Perón’s Descamisados, 1946-1955: A Study of Informal Political Channels and Their Effects on Public Identity
April, 2013  Davisha Guerrier Mexico: Decentralization and Drug Cartels
April, 2013  Alivia Haibach Crosses and Kofeyyes: Minority Integration Theory in Egypt
April, 2013 Jiarong Li Examination of Keynesian Economics in the Case of Sino-German Economic Relations after the Global Financial Crisis in 2008
April, 2013  Clay Moran Institutional Foundations and Neoliberal Adjustments: A Comparative Study of Argentine Party Factions and Uruguayan National Cooperation
April, 2013  Luke Orndorff China’s Naval Deployments to the Gulf of Aden: A Focused Case Study on Soft Power
April, 2013  Ellen Rasmussen Nuclear Abandonment and the German Energiewende: Viable Option or Doomed Design?
April, 2013 Madeleine Rumbaugh Integration and Diversification: Defining Functional Multiculturalism in Germany
April, 2013  Anais Schindler Dancer Defection and Ballet Exchange: A Study of Cultural Diplomacy in the Cold War
January, 2013 Corey Shears China’s Submarine Challenge: A Critical Look at China’s Maritime Security Strategy and its Expansion into the Asia-Pacific Region
April, 2013  Sarah Twing Under What Conditions are Post-Conflict (Re-) Construction Policies Most Effective?
April, 2013 Rachel Widany Women in Occupied Iraq
April, 2013  Anastasia Wooten Maghrébines en France: Changing the Paradigm of Institutional Exclusion


Completion Date Student Name Title
April, 2012 Stephen Adelgren Judicial Policymaking: An Examination of Federal Integration by the European Court of Justice
April, 2012 Kathleen Bacon Argentina: Radical or Moderate Democracy?
April, 2012 Steven J. Jones Dividing the Nomads: How the Mongolian Question Developed Sino-Soviet Relations
April 2012 Bridget L. McCartin The Evolution of Françafrique in Côte d’Ivoire: From Independence to the 2011 Crisis
April 2012 Rebecca McDaniel-Hutchings Changes in Maternity as a Result of Gender Role Transformation: A Case Study of the Maquiladoras on the U.S.-Mexico Border
April 2012 Chelsea Orr Indigenous Movilization in Ecuador: the Search for Sumak Kawsay and the Fight for Rights
April 2012 Marco Parodi Caudillos with Electoral Legitimacy: The Consequences of Personalism in Latin American Politics
April 2012 Robert Raimond Pace of Democratic Change: The Cases of Egypt and Mexico
April 2012 Erin Shipley Collective Identity and Exploitation: A Comparison of Two Social Movements Within the Argentine State
April 2012 Elise Swanekamp Uses of Indigenous Identity: Coffee Cooperatives and Fair Trade in Southern Mexico
April 2012 Heather Wilson From Grassroots Movement to Mainstream Political Party: How Environmental Issues have aided in the Success of the German Greens


Completion Date Student Name Title
November, 2011 Jessica L. Cuy The Major Economic and Political Impacts of German Reunification from 1990-1992
 November, 2011 Sarah L. Davis Beyond Economics: Reevaluating the Success of West Germany’s Guest Worker Program
 November, 2011 Natalie A. DiNunzio  Analyzing the Extent to which Pierre Laval was Responsible for the Collaboration with the Germans and the Repercussions of the Policies Implemented
November, 2011 Amy M. Frake Language Reform is not a Dinner Party: The Evolution of Language, Literacy, and Identity in China
April, 2011 Austin, Katie The Feminization of Poverty and Women’s Position in Algeria
April, 2011 Brooks, Jennifer Germany’s Prostitution Policy: How Legalized Prostitution Effects the Country and its Fight Against the Sex Trafficking of Women
April, 2011 De Micheli, David Understanding Race and Nation in Post-Dictatorial Haiti
April, 2011 McMahan, Derek Autonomy in the 21st Century: Colombia’s Indigenous and Spain’s Catalans Fight for Self-Rule


Completion Date Student Name Title
November, 2010 Hoffman, Marie Turning Shades of Green: How Public, Political and Economic Spheres Influence Germany’s Domestic Climate and Energy Policies
April, 2010 Benz, Emily Vietnam: From Colony to Communist
April, 2010 Burnett, Deborah Writerly Responses to the Integration Debate in France: Azouz Begag and Qui fait la France ?
April, 2010 DePellegrini, Riley A case study of SOS Racisme and Ni Putes Ni Soumises: To what extent do these influential ethnic minority neighborhood associations in France adhere to the ideals of French Republicanism, which in its fundamentals discourages mobilization along ethnic lines?
April, 2010 Johnson, Lindsay Barcelona’s Rise as a Global City
April, 2010 Kanner, Arielle The Formation and Evolution of Basque Nationalism in Spain
April, 2010 Kerosky, Zack Protecting the Borders: The Political Response to Spain’s Immigration “Problem”
April, 2010 La Rochelle, Christine The Politics of Censorship: An Examination of Mexican and Argentinean Theatre in the 1970s
April, 2010 Neckelmann, Matthew Opening and Reform in China as Explained by Theories of International Relations
April, 2010 Winberg, Lauren Who Voted for the Nazi Party and Why: The German Elections of 1930 and July 1932
April, 2010 Yin, Jennifer Concubines, Prostitutes, and the Second Breast: Are Er’nai Contemporary Concubines?
April, 2010 Zielinski, Theodore The Evolution of China’s Economic and Political Relationship with Africa: History, Motivation, and Criticism
January, 2010 Burns, Rebecca A Step Towards Defeating the Drug Cartels in Mexico: A Free Print Media
January, 2010 Couse, Angela The German Disappearing Act: An Examination of the Economic and Political Effects of Low Fertility in Germany
January, 2010 Powers, Sarah Providing Presence to Mujeres Libres: an Examination of its Path to Creation and the Dynamics of the Organization


Completion Date Student Name Title
April, 2009 Benvin, Elizabeth Irreconcilable Differences? The Origins of Contention Between Tibet and China
April, 2009 Fogarty, Patrick The Silent Spectator: How the United States Tacitly Approved Mexican State Repression from 1968-1974
April, 2009 Geiser, Erin Philippe Pétain’s Public Image and Persona and Their Aid in His Rise and Fall from Political Power in the Vichy Regime
April, 2009 Heidenreich, Brett “Qui Sème le Vent Récolte le Tempo”: An Examination of French Rap and Its Use in Banlieue Youth Movements
April, 2009 Isabelli, Kristin The Banlieues Erupt: The effect of governmental institutional racism and discrimination on the relationship between French police and banlieue youth from 1980 to present day
April, 2009 Kowalik, Kyrie The Pan-Mayan Movement in Guatemala: An Example of Social Movement Affected by Civil War
April, 2009 Lewis, Valerie Exporting Daughters, Importing Wives: A Comparative Case Study of Unbalanced Sex Ratios in China and India
April, 2009 Marziano, Sonja Cuban Tourism: When selling Sunsets, Sex, and the Rumba become Ideological Contradictions
April, 2009 Piispanen, Garret The Transition from Agriculture to Tourism Industries in Cuba and Costa Rica and Projections of future Sustainability
April, 2009 Renda, Sarah Behind the Scenes: The Roles of Repression and Violence in Franco’s Spain
April, 2009 Romigh, Lindsay The Fight for Bilingual Education in Ecuador: A Difficult Process Complicated by the Disagreements between the Government and the Confederación de nacionalidades indígenas del Ecuador


Completion Date Student Name Title
April, 2008 Blon, Amber Fair Trade: A New Type of Globalization in the European Union
April, 2008 Bontrager, Elizabeth The Worst Side-Effect: Sex Trafficking in sub-Saharan Africa
April, 2008 Geer, Melissa The Construction of a Multicultural State: An Examination of Bolivia’s Multicultural Reforms
April, 2008 Greene, Kirsten La Guardia Civil Española: An Examination of the Role of the Spanish Civil Guard in Historical and Present Spain
April, 2008 Lackey, Matthew A Dichotomy of Words and Actions: A Comprehensive Analysis of Anti-Americanism in Contemporary Chile and Venezuela
April, 2008 Macari, Ashley An Examination of the Student Movement’s Impact on the Greens in West Germany
April, 2008 Moik, Samantha Die Integration der türkischen Minderheit in der deutschen Gesellschaft: Eine Betrachtung zwei Beispiels
April, 2008 Pudlewski, Katherine Toussaint Louverture
April, 2008 Young, Sarah Our “Responsibility to Protect”: How R2P is reshaping the dimensions of humanitarian intervention and this initiative’s future in the international human rights community.


Completion Date Student Name Title
April, 2006 Schaffnit, Rachel The Zapatistas and Democratization in Mexico
April, 2006 Patterson, Laura Las disputas linguisticas en Mexico colonial (1492-1592)
April, 2006 Kendrick, Ashleigh The Virgin of Guadalupe: The Universal Appeal of a Morena Mary
April, 2006 Nemes, Brendan The Roles of Societal and Technological Development in the Conquest of the Aztec Empire
April, 2006 Foote, Allison Nicht Im Kern Verrottet Not Rotten at the Core An Examination of German Higher Education Reform
April, 2006 Terwilliger, Allison Felix Houphouet-Boigny and the Dependent Development of Cote d’Ivoire
April, 2006 Ferguson, Elizabeth Ann The World’s Oldest Profession: An Examination of Prostitution in Germany
April, 2006 Lewis, Meghan Unifying the Greens and Alliance 90 in a reunited Germany
April, 2006 Bennett, Hillary The Origins of Fascism in France: The Action Française from 1899 to 1944
April, 2006 Mazur, Dana Lynn Lebensborn Eingetragener Verein: The SS Aryan Race Program
April, 2006 Orndorff, Ben German Militarism: An Examination of German Political-Military Culture
April, 2006 Gerber, Lena The Extremist Tradition in an Increasingly Integrated and Multicultural France: The French national Front
April, 2006 Sceiford, Amanda Was Schröder’s “Courage to Change” Enough to Help the German Labor Market? A Political and Economic Analysis of the Hartz Reforms in Germany
April, 2006 Bartosiewicz, Anna Institutional Language Use in the European Union
April, 2006 Breene, Berry Taylor The Degenerate Trajectory: Art, Politics and Ideology in Germany 1850-1937


Completion Date Student Name Title
April, 2005 Oakes, Kelsey The Impact of Political Culture on Haitian Democracy
April, 2005 Patsy, Maria Teresa A Look at Swiss Neutrality and Economics and Their Impact Upon the Swiss “No” to the European Union
January, 2005 Meyer, Emily Jane Globalization and Shifting Perceptions of Luxury Haute Couture: A Political, Historical and Economic Analysis


Completion Date Student Name Title
November, 2004 Saric, Irena The Role of Public Prosecutors’ Offices in Civil and Socialist Legal Systems; Comparative Study of France, the Russian Federation, and Czech Republic
April, 2004 Strawcutter, Alissa Blood and Belonging: Why Germany Changed Its Citizenship Laws In 1999
April, 2004 Rossman, Nicholas Policy Analysis of allgemeine Wehrpflicht (national compulsory military service) in the German Heer (Army)
April, 2004 Rodgers, Lauren Berlin’s Reunification Problems and Prospectives
April, 2004 Moser, Lauren Organized labor and the state in Mexico: a love-hate relationship
April, 2004 James, Ryan Assessing the Evolution of the Mexican Presidential System: The Institution of Presidencialisimo and the Mexican Presidents
April, 2004 Hrnicar, Michael The Social and Literary Causes of the Déclaration des Droits de l’Homme
April, 2004 Fraas, Kerry Can Solidarity be Saved? An Examination of German Pension Reform
April, 2004 Deascenti, Krysten An in-depth Analysis of Immigrants in the German Economy: Relief or Burden
April, 2004 Brandon, Jonathan A Study of Spanish Integration into the European Union: The Role of the State
April, 2004 Berdahl, Siri Ulterior Motives? France’s Abstention from the Second Gulf War
April, 2004 Anderson, Heather The Transition from the DM to the Euro, is it a Success Story?


Completion Date Student Name Title
December, 2003 Rumbaugh, Byron Predicting the Future: Neofunctionalism and the European Union
April, 2003 Hreha, John A Crack in Democracy; Mexico’s Dirty War?
April, 2003 Paff, Rae Ann Feminism in the Fatherland: A comparative Study of the Status of Women in eastern and western Sections of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1990
April, 2003 Pavasovic, Tamara Ethnicity and Religion in Bosnia: Islamic Influence 1990-1995


Completion Date Student Name Title
November, 2002 Buckingham, Lyndsay Tourism in Spain: An Analysis of the Economic and Social Effects
April, 2002 Bradley, Kelly Advancement of Women in Education and Employment: The Case of Spain


Completion Date Student Name Title
December, 2001 Rehman, Aysha The Evolution of the Muslim Presence in France
April, 2001 Ehrlich, Seth The Legacies of World War II: Germany’s Failed Opportunities to Confront The Moral Questions of the Nazi Regime
April, 2001 Kobayashi, Hikaru Mao Cult and Contemporary China
April, 2001 Varanthungarajan, Rebecca An Examination of Globalization in France: Its Effects on Economics, Politics, and Culture


Completion Date Student Name Title
December, 2000 McClure, Megan Music under Nazi Control: Censorship, Exile and Acculturation
December, 2000 Betler, Timothy The Radical Right in Western Europe: Explanations and Observations with a Case Study of Austria and the Freedom Party
November, 2000 Ketzan, Kristof Immigration and the Politics of Citizenship in Contemporary France
November, 2000 Vignale, Tina Unifying Germany’s Environment: Economics, Politics and Prospects
April, 2000 Gerboc, Justin Fortress Europe: Creating Trade or Diverting It? The French Perspective
April, 2000 Miller, DeMarco Soccer: More Than Just A Game
April, 2000 Rohrer, Audrey So, What’s the Difference? Propaganda, Tourism, and the Construction of National Identity in Francoist Spain
April, 2000 Schuler, Jason Öffentliche Politik, Finanzierung und das Geschäftsklima: Existenzgründung und der Kleinunternehmenssektor in den neuen Bundesländern


Completion Date Student Name Title
April, 1999 Siepel, Benjamin The Effects of Plague On Economy and Society in Late-Medieval England
April, 1999 Richardson, Ann The Euro and Businesses: An Investigation of How the Euro Will Affect European Corporations With a Specific Emphasis On the Preparation of French Firms
April, 1999 Quick, Christine The European Parliament: A Five Decade Search for Legitimacy
April, 1999 Lehky, Dyane Guatemala o Guatepeor?: A Comparison of Coffee and Bananas as Used for Primary-export-led Growth in Guatemala
April, 1999 Davitt, Sarah The Yugoslav Crisis: Analyzing the Possible Motivations Behind Germany’s Decision to Recognize Croatia and Slovenia
April, 1999 Currence, Michele Moving Up the Staircase to Success: A Political, Cultural and Historical Study of the German Green Party
April, 1999 Cortes, Victoria The Reduction of the Workweek in France: An Analysis of the Aubry Law and its Effect on Employment
April, 1999 Anderson, Koelle Der Wissenschaftler im modernen deutschen Drama: Eine Analyse von Kaisers Gas I, Brechts Leben des Galilei, Kipphardts In der Sache J. Robert Oppenheimer, und Dürrenmatts Die Physiker
March, 1999 Kuder, Margaret Second Language Acquisition: A Comparison of Children and Older Adults


Completion Date Student Name Title
December, 1998 Rovansek, Farrah Reflections of the French Wine Industry’s Past: Bordeaux Grands Crus Used as Twentieth Century Investment Opportunities
April, 1998 Hunter, Leslie Uptake of Iron and Manganese by Three Aquatic Macrophyte Species In a Wetland Mitigating Acid Mine Drainage
April, 1998 Mason, Angela Is it Time for a Change? Switzerland Contemplates European Integration
April, 1998 Yoder, Daryn The Ghosts of Austria Past: An Examination of the Process of Vergangenheitsbewältung in Austria


Completion Date Student Name Title
December, 1997 McGaffick, Carrie Japan’s Decision Not To Remilitarize in the Post World War II Era: Politically, Economically, and Socially
May, 1997 Northrup, Victor Die Lyrik von Johannes Bobrowski
April, 1997 Kuldkepp, Elo Estonia’s Experience with Monetarism – A Study of the Estonian Monetary Policy and Its Effects on the Economy


Completion Date Student Name Title
December, 1996 Jacobs, Amanda La Gréve et les Syndicats: The Strike of November – December 1995 and the Decline of French Labor Unions
December, 1996 Coleman, Heather To What Extent Have the Kayapo Indians, Of Central Brazil, Been Affected by the Drive for Development of the Interior of Brazil During the Second Half of the Twentieth Century
November, 1996 Tyurina, Alla Foreign Direct Investment in Russia: Costs and Benefits
May, 1996 Tinney, Allyson French Colonization, Changes in Land-use, and Environmental Degradation in Senegal
May, 1996 Backhaus, Melanie The Role of the United States Intelligence Community in Economic Espionage: A Comparative Analysis of French & American Agencies
April, 1996 Schweitzer, Erika Environmental Degradation in the Former German Democratic Republic: An Analysis of the Effects, Social Movements, and Policy Throughout Reunification
April, 1996 Ragen, Stacy Transformation of Gaullist Foreign Policy vis-à-vis the European Union
April, 1996 Hernquist, Timothy The Unification of Germany: The Economic Effects and Absorption of the Former East Germany


Completion Date Student Name Title
April, 1995 Jacoby, Mary Barriers to Free Trade: French Trade Policy Examined
April, 1995 Hyland, Kelly The French Nuclear Energy Export Experience
April, 1995 Flaherty, Daniel Intervention, Deception and Withdrawal


Completion Date Student Name Title
April, 1994 Moskwa, Wojtek Foreign Trade and Transition in Poland: A Political and Economic Analysis


Completion Date Student Name Title
April, 1992 Marohn, Eric Employment Promotion Act of 1969 All Over Again!
April, 1992 Chandler, E. The East German Dissent Movements: 1980 – November 9, 1989
April, 1992 Mahoney, Patrick Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces: The Federal Republic of Germany and the INF Treaty


Completion Date Student Name Title
April, 1991 Kasper, Edward The Berlin Wall


Completion Date Student Name Title
November, 1990 Petri, David Leo The French Objectives in the Ruhr and the Saar in Post – World War II Germany
January, 1990 Sauerbrey, Sara Gesetze Gegen Homosexuellen und Juden


Completion Date Student Name Title
April, 1986 Müller, Corina An Examination of the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Multinational in Brazil Utilizing the History of Industrialization and Economic Theories with a Case Study of the Automobile Industry
Grubisha, T.J. The Inevitability of Yugoslavia: A Historic Economic Perspective on the Collapse