Google 2-Step Verification

With the ever increasing use of cloud technology in our daily lives, individual accounts are being targeted.  It is important that we all take greater precautions in protecting our personal information and the information and files entrusted to us in our professional lives.

Google now provides an extra layer of protection, known as 2-Step Verification, to help you minimize your Google account from being compromised by requiring a password (that only you know) and a prompt that you must authorize on your personal mobile device or a unique code (that is sent to you).

You have multiple options including:

It is really easier than you might think.  Many on campus are already using 2-Step Verification to provide an extra layer of protection on their accounts.

LITS is ready to help if you have questions about how it works, what is the value, or how to set it up for your account (there are a few tricks to know depending on the program or devices you use).