Allegheny Greek Life Strategic Plan


In November 2010, members of the Allegheny Greek community (students, staff and advisors) gathered for the Allegheny Greek Leadership Summit.  This summit featured four working groups centered on long term planning, alumni involvement, effective leadership and inclusivity. Through this summit, chapter action planning, focus groups and community development workshops, the Allegheny Greek Life Strategic Plan was created.  A summary of the four working areas are outlined below.

Long Term Planning

Financial: develop effective financial systems, minimize risk and improve accountability
Risk Management: understand the chapter’s risk management policies and follow them accordingly
Physical Space: assess housing and suite status of each chapter
Membership standards: develop accountability and common standards for the community

Alumni Involvement

Communication: implement successful standardization of communicating with alumni
Outreach/Alumni Network: develop a framework for alumni to contribute to the chapter
Connection with Alumni Affairs: have all alumni chairs meet annually with alumni affairs
Events: create meaningful, low risk events with alumni/chapters

Effective Leadership

Transitions: develop effective transition methods for information, traditions and policies
Visibility: implement a specific strategy to enhance the many positive benefits of Greek Life
Communication: develop effective relationships and communication within chapters/community
Member education: develop consistent programs for membership education


Open to change: train members on different cultural identities and prepare for outcomes
Socio-economic: develop ways to include students with different socio-economic challenges
Attitude: commit to a positive, welcoming relationship within the chapters and to non-Greek students
Collaboration: collaborate with groups outside of the Greek community