Student Organizations

At Allegheny College, we believe that the richest student chronicles are those that are enhanced with co-curricular activities. As the curators of your own college narratives, we hope you’ll choose to get involved! You’ll form new connections outside of the classroom, leading to the most fulfilling experience you can have as a Gator. The benefits of joining one of the 100+ active organizations on campus are numerous, and while only a few are listed below, there are many more for you to discover on your own — or to establish yourself!

  • Active learning at Allegheny in the classroom is naturally expanded to outside of the classroom. Working in a student organization enhances curricular work, serves as a testing ground for theories and concepts, and fosters healthy debate with civility.
  • Working in a group environment helps to hone many skills, including engaging in conversations with people different from yourself, developing time management skills, learning the art of delegation, and more — all are skill sets that will contribute to your success at Allegheny and beyond.
  • Being involved allows you to learn and experiment with the art of balance in life. Not only can you learn great time management skills, but these activities can be a great outlet to relieve stress, build confidence, and play a real role in building and celebrating the community.
  • You’re already a part of the Allegheny community — feel connected and make a difference!

List of Student Organizations

Academic, AthleticDiversity, GeneralGreek (Social), Greek (Honorary), Media, Performing Arts, Political/Activism, Religious/Spiritual, Service