Department Information


Professors Hollerman (Chair), Caldwell, Clark, Coates, Connell Pensky, Conklin, French, Mumme, Rudolph, Knupsky

An interdisciplinary program, Neuroscience draws primarily upon course offerings of the Biology and Psychology departments. The major is considered a Natural Science major*. To meet the College’s curricular requirement for a minor outside the division of the major, students majoring in Neuroscience may minor in any of the social sciences other than Psychology or in any of the humanities. Neuroscience majors are not permitted to minor in Psychology; students wishing to study Psychology in depth may elect to double major in Neuroscience and Psychology. Students exercising this option must meet all the major requirements for both majors and must also take a minimum of 20 semester hours in Psychology that are not counted toward the Neuroscience major. A joint Senior Project for double majors can be arranged.

*For students who matriculated before Fall 2016, Neuroscience courses count as Natural Science for the purpose of satisfying the College distribution requirement then in effect.


To see the course requirements for the Neuroscience major, click on the following link for the Allegheny College Academic Bulletin:  Neuroscience Major