From Karst Valleys in Florida to French Missionaries in China: Student and Faculty Work Gets Recognition

March 9, 2012 – Students and faculty at Allegheny College have recently authored works or participated in professional activities across a range of disciplines.

Sophomore Brigid Williams was selected to be in Eventing USA, the official magazine for the United States Eventing Association. The article, which featured Brigid and her horse, Bourbon Tee, was titled “A bond few pairs possess …” and detailed the backstory and training that both Brigid and her horse went through to get to their current competition level.

Professor of English Diane D’Amico was invited to write the essay on Christina Rossetti that is included in the “Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters: A Historical and Biographical Guide.” The book is scheduled to be published by Baker Academic in August.

Associate Professor of Computer Science Gregory M. Kapfhammer has recently served on the program committees of several international research conferences and workshops, including the 6th Conference on Tests and Proofs, the 5th Workshop on Search-Based Software Testing, the 7th Testing: Academic and Industrial Conference and the 7th Workshop on the Automation of Software Test. As a member of each of these program committees, he reviewed submitted papers and assisted the program chairs in determining which articles would be published in the proceedings and presented at the conference. Kapfhammer has evaluated research papers for IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Wiley Journal of Software Maintenance and Evolution and the Springer Software Quality Journal.

Jack Meeder, an instructor in the Department of Environmental Science, will be presenting a talk with Peter Harlem, from Florida International University, at the Southeastern Geological Society’s annual meeting in Asheville, N.C., on April 1. The title of the paper is “The origin and development of karst valleys in Southeast Florida, USA.”

Professor of Religious Studies Carl Olson’s essay “The Nightmare of History: A Look at Time in the Novels of Eliade, DeLillo and Mitchell” has been published by Theory in Action. His book “The Lure of Decadent Thinking: Essays on Religious Studies and the Challenge of Postmodernism” has been accepted for publication by Oxford University Press for later this year.

Assistant Professor of History Guo Wu’s proposal for displaying the photographs taken by French missionaries in Southwest China in the late 19th century, and presenting the stories behind the images, has been accepted by MIT’s Visualizing Asia in the Modern World Conference, to be held May 11-12 at Princeton University.