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The looming fight for Idlib, Syria’s last main rebel stronghold, explained

Allegheny political science professor Shanna Kirschner provides commentary in this article on a possible military campaign in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib.

Vox September 9, 2018

6 things ‘The Meg’ gets wrong about the prehistoric giant sharks — and the one it gets right

Allegheny biology professor Lisa Whitenack offers expert commentary on what “The Meg,” a sci-fi movie about a group of scientists who encounter a megalodon shark, gets right — and what it doesn’t — about the largest shark that ever lived.

Insider August 16, 2018

Walker Shapes Clay and Learns Lessons for Life

Allegheny College student Christian Walker has launched an apparel business featuring his own designs. Walker, a computer science and economics double major, reflects on lessons he learned in a high school ceramics program and how they apply to his experiences as a college student and entrepreneur.

The Business Journal August 7, 2018