Alumnus Consults At Merrill Lynch, Inspired By Speaker At Allegheny College

When Brett Albinson ’17 was searching for jobs as a college student, he wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted to do until an Allegheny College connection changed his life. 

“When I was a senior at Allegheny, Bruce Thompson, who is an executive at Bank of America, came to speak at Quigley Hall. Hearing him talk about his career initially interested me in a finance career,” says Albinson. “I applied to Merrill Lynch, which is owned by Bank of America. Through the interview process, I realized it was something I wanted to pursue.”

After graduating from Allegheny with a bachelor’s in economics with a minor in English, Albinson joined Merrill Lynch. Since then, he has risen in the ranks. Currently, his role as assistant vice president and senior financial advisor allows him to consult individuals or families through their unique financial lives. 

“Being an economics major at Allegheny helped lay the groundwork for me in understanding the stock market and some of the more complex financial principles I have learned while at Merrill. An English minor has also given me many skills I implement daily as I read complex research papers from our Chief Investment Office,” says Albinson.

Moreover, Albinson says his time as a student-athlete contributed to his success as it taught him to honor a commitment and deal with adversity. The liberal arts education and alumni network at Allegheny continued to pay dividends, too. 

“The curriculum at Allegheny helped me in the early years of my career as I was able to overcome what, for some people I worked with, was a steeper initial learning curve,” says Albinson. “When I first started my career at Merrill Lynch, I began to reach out to Allegheny alumni in the New York City or New Jersey area. I was blown away by the number of alumni that took the time to meet or speak with me.”

Albinson notes that many of his initial clients were alumni who reached out, and he continues to be grateful for their tremendous support.