Allegheny Students Represented at Sigma Xi Research Conference

Twenty-six Allegheny students participated in the Sigma Xi Undergraduate Research and Creative Accomplishment Conference held at Penn State Behrend on April 13.

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They are (with their faculty advisors listed in parentheses): Ashley Baronner ’13 (Caryl Waggett), Korey Bartolomeo ’13 (Brad Hersh), Austin Becker ’13 (Tricia Humphreys and Ann Kleinschmidt), Ava Carvour ’14 (Barbara Shaw), Kyrsten Craig ’15 (Barbara Shaw), Colleen Friel ’13 (Catharina Coenen), Dana D’Amico ’13 (Catharina Coenen), Jaclyn DeCoursey ’14 (Lauren French), Jeff Fleming ’13 (Lee Coates), Katrina Gazsi ’13 (Milt Ostrofsky and Ron Mumme), Justin Giel ’13 (Rich Bowden), Jessica Giles ’13 (Christy Donmoyer), Jocelyn Gruskiewicz ’13 (Lee Coates), Aaron Haag ’13 (Brad Hersh), Max Hennessy ’13 (Brad Hersh), Linnea Homa ’13 (Christy Donmoyer), Megan King ’13 (Caryl Waggett), Dylan McCreary ’13 (Lauren French), Erin Nawrocki ’13 (Tricia Humphreys), Chloé Nuñez ’13 (Caryl Waggett), Kayla Owens ’13  (Catharina Coenen), Kelsey Ream ’13 (Rich Bowden), Jessica Repasz ’13 (Rod Clark), Sara Schombert ’13 (Catharina Coenen), Kelly Smith ’13 (Lauren French), and Jennie Vorhauer ’14 (Tricia Humphreys).

Baronner, Carvour, Fleming, Friel, Gazsi, Gruskiewicz, Hennessy, Nawrocki, McCreary and Smith were given awards for best presentations in their sessions. A total of 226 students and 106 faculty from twelve colleges in western and central Pennsylvania participated in the conference.

Max Hennessy ’13 receives his award.