Allegheny College unveils Academic Commons set for location for study, collaboration

By Earl Corp
The Meadville Tribune

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Photos by Allegheny College photographer Bill Owen ’74.

Depending on if you’re an Allegheny College student, staff member, administrator or a Meadville resident, Friday’s grand opening of Allegheny College’s Academic Commons could hold a different meaning.

For some it was free food and a T-shirt. For local contractor Roger Gildea, it was a sense of pride in a project completion. Allegheny Director of Civic Engagement Dave Roncolato saw the large turnout as a good sign. Rachel Garza took advantage to re-engage people in the mascot color choice contest, while retiree Gordon Van Cise took an opportunity to tour the new facility to see what all the excitement was about.

Located in Pelletier Library, the Academic Commons is a central location for study and collaboration in which students can access resources. The project, which cost $1.6 million and had a construction time of June 2014 to Jan. 9, brought the Maytum Learning Commons and the new Allegheny Gateway together under one roof.

“This is the first time we’ve had adequate office space for our staff in civic engagement,” Roncolato said.

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