Hanzhong Zheng ’17 and Professor Jumadinova Publish Work in Artificial Intelligence Symposium

Hanzhong Zheng ’17 and Assistant Professor of Computer Science Janyl Jumadinova published a research article in the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Symposium titled “Monitoring the Well-Being of a Person Using a Robotic-Sensor Framework.” The paper describes an integrated intelligent system, consisting of multiple mobile robots and wearable sensors, that is able to monitor and report on the health and the general well-being of an individual. The work was conducted during an independent study and student/faculty summer collaborative research funded by the provost’s office. This spring Hanzhong and Dr. Jumadinova will present their work at the AAAI Symposium, Well-Being Computing: AI Meets Health and Happiness Science.