How Nice to See You Again, Mr. Nash

Cal Armistead interviews Graham Nash in 1980 for The Campus.

Not many people get to relive signature moments in their lives. But Cal Claypool Armistead ’80 was lucky enough to do just that. As a senior at Allegheny, she interviewed future Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Graham Nash when he came to perform in concert on the Meadville campus. She got to do it all over again 37 years later when the rock legend appeared at a summer music festival in Massachusetts.

Much has transpired in Armistead’s life: After getting her start in journalism writing for The Campus newspaper, she has written for publications such as The Chicago Tribune and Shape Magazine, and is the author of the novel Being Henry David, a book used in schools to introduce pupils to Henry David Thoreau within a contemporary story. She’s married to Tedford Armistead ’79, who works in information technology for the commonwealth of Massachusetts. They live in Acton and have two grown daughters.

Here is the link to Armistead’s article about twice interviewing Graham Nash, formerly of the Hollies and Crosby, Stills & Nash. The story appeared in The Boston Globe this past summer.