Allegheny College Professor’s Paper Featured in American Psychological Association Journals Article Spotlight

Headshot of Christopher Normile
Christopher Normile, Ph.D.

Christopher Normile, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology at Allegheny College, and Kyle Scherr, Ph.D., of Central Michigan University, recently had their paper, titled “False Confessions Predict a Delay Between Release from Incarceration and Official Exoneration,” featured in the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Journals Article Spotlight.

The spotlight provides a brief summary of the article, which discusses how false confession evidence is associated with a meaningful delay between when a wrongly convicted individual is released from prison and officially exonerated. This delay has far-reaching consequences, as it prevents wrongly convicted individuals from accessing crucial reintegration aids such as financial compensation and housing assistance.

Normile joined the Allegheny faculty in 2020; he holds a Ph.D. in applied experimental psychology from Central Michigan University. His primary research interests involve the intersections of psychology and law, specifically police interrogations, jury decision-making, and perceptions of wrongfully convicted exonerees.