Allegheny College Announces New Accelerated Masters Degree in Healthcare Management

Building on the recent announcement of a Healthcare Management major, Allegheny College is pleased to announce a new accelerated Master of Science program in that same area. The program (either 3+1 or 4+1) offers the opportunity for students to earn their BS and MS degrees in an accelerated timeline while continuing to study the field from a uniquely interdisciplinary and applied perspective.

Allegheny’s Healthcare Management program draws on the strengths of the business and economics department and global health program and introduces students to medical terminology, public health research, the social determinants of health, and the policies and procedures governing the administration of healthcare services. The curriculum addresses growing needs in the delivery of preventive health and healthcare services, preparing students with interdisciplinary expertise across the College, including coursework in biology, business, economics, global health studies, philosophy, and psychology.

Healthcare Management involves the study of the entire ecosystem of the healthcare industry, which includes service providers, insurers, manufacturers, non-profit institutions, and government actors. Students in this major will experience analysis of the structure of healthcare provision, public health debates, ethical issues in healthcare, and the medical and mental health terminology common in healthcare settings.

The healthcare industry is growing at a rapid pace. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of U.S. workers employed as medical and health services managers in 2029 will likely be 32 percent higher than it was in 2019. In many cases an advanced degree is required for positions in the industry.

“The accelerated Masters program in healthcare management demonstrates Allegheny College’s value in providing interdisciplinary programs rooted in the liberal arts that prepare students for future careers,” explains Angela Haddad, provost and dean of the faculty at Allegheny College. “By taking one additional summer of coursework, students can earn a master’s of science degree in 4 years. This innovative accelerated graduate degree will prepare them with the knowledge, hands-on experiences, and certification they will need to secure high-demand management positions in the healthcare industry.”

In fact, an alumnus who is among those Allegheny College students who have previously designed a similar major in this area shared his perspective. “This represents a fantastic opportunity for students to get exposure to the critical issues facing our complex healthcare system, as well as gain an understanding of the public policy levers that ultimately impact health outcomes,” said Garrett Devenney (Allegheny College, Class of 2016), chief of staff at the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

About Allegheny College

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