Allegheny College Graduate Leads Erie Insurance Human Resources Divison

Karen Skarupski ’83 is inspired to help teams and people achieve their goals at Erie Insurance. As the senior vice president of human resources, Skarupski says Allegheny College set her up for success. 

“A liberal arts education really fosters curiosity, which has helped me through my legal and business career,” says Skarupski. “The faculty were amazing. The availability of professors and small classes allowed me to develop relationships with them. Schools like Allegheny are really important to develop a well-rounded person.”

Karen Skarupski

After earning her bachelor’s degree in history with a minor in writing, Skarupski pursued a law degree from Case Western Reserve University. Upon graduating, she joined Knox Law Firm and, in 1991, Erie Insurance, where she has been ever since.

“Erie Insurance is an amazing company. It’s a company that is very service-oriented and has a wonderful culture. It supports its employees and the surrounding community,” says Skarupski.

Today, Skarupski leads a team that manages compensation, benefits, and professional development. Before joining human resources, Skarupski had been involved in multiple divisions of Erie Insurance, including law, compliance, and privacy. She also serves as a trustee for the Erie County Bar Foundation. 

Skarupksi advises current students to “Pick the major you’re most excited about, most interested in, and most curious about. You can foster any type of career so long as you are doing what you love. Take advantage of what a liberal arts education has to offer.” 

As a student, one of those opportunities was choir for Skarupksi, and she says her lifelong love of ensemble singing continues to this day. Skarupksi goes on to recognize the impact Allegheny College had on her life. 

“As I reflect on my Allegheny experience, some of my best friends today are the ones I made there. I’m still best friends with my college roommate; it’s a wonderful community,” says Skarupski.