Office of the Ombuds

The Office of the Ombuds of Allegheny College provides support in helping all members of the college community resolve issues. The Office serves as a resource that is independent, impartial/neutral, informal and confidential.

The Office was established in May 2021 under the direction of President Hilary Link, in order to better support the Allegheny community through providing a confidential resource for the community to which they can bring their concerns and questions, get assistance in problem-solving and find guidance in considering best options for handling a difficult situation.

What is an Ombuds?

The word ombudsman (OM-budz-man) comes from Sweden and literally means “representative.” Many variations of the name are used, including ombudsman, ombudsperson or ombuds. A college or university Ombudsperson is a confidential and independent resource for all members of the campus community to talk with informally. The Ombuds office provides a safe and neutral place for faculty, staff, students, parents and retirees to discuss conflicts, concerns or problems. The Ombuds’ role is to listen, understand, coach, inform, strategize, problem-solve, mediate, refer, and provide upward feedback as appropriate.