Irem Kurtsal

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Philosophy, Religious Studies
Degrees: PhD, Syracuse University; MA, Bogazici University (Istanbul)

Contact Info:
Phone: (814) 332-3311

Office Location: Odd Fellows 116

Office Hours, Courses and Further Contact Information

Irem has been teaching at Allegheny College since Fall 2017. Her research is on the metaphysics, epistemology and ethics of identity through time, both of things and of ourselves. In addition to metaphysics, she teaches classes on ethics, epistemology, social philosophy, and free will. She looks to incorporate multiple disciplines’ viewpoints in her teaching and research. Her favorite hobbies are running and acting, especially improv acting. A native of Istanbul, Turkey, she can also be found teaching Mediterranean cooking classes.

Areas of Specialization:

Areas of Teaching Competence:
Ethics, Applied Ethics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, Logic
  • “Self-Determination in Plenitude” Erkenntnis 2021.
  • “Persistence Egalitarianism” Res Philosophica, 98(1): 63-88, 2021.
  • “The Sorites Paradox in Metaphysics” in Oms, S., Zardini E. (eds), The Sorites Paradox, Cambridge University Press, 2019.
  • “Almost-Ontology: Why Epistemicism Cannot Help Us Avoid Unrestricted Composition or Diachronic Plenitude”, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 95:1 130-139, 2014.
  • “Three-Dimensionalist’s Semantic Solution to Diachronic Vagueness”, Philosophical Studies 150: 79-96, 2010.
  • “Russel on Matter and Our Knowledge of the External World”, Bertrand Russell Society Quarterly 124: 13-22, 2004. -Winner of the Betrand Russell Society Student Essay Prize