Spring 2011 Senior Composition Titles and Authors

Angotti, Anthony    A National Emissions Trading Scheme for China?

Brandebura, Ashely    The Role of Political Opportunity Structure (POS) in Affecting Social Movement Outcomes of Success or Failure in Implementing Reform: A Case Study of the Bolivian Cocalero Movement and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Movement 

Cuadros, Christopher    What is the Future of Scottish Sovereignty? Independence, Future Devotion, or the Status Quo?

Gaisor, Stephanie    Never Again: Investigating the Response of Muslim-Majority States to the International Criminal Court’s Arrest Warrants for Omar Hassan al-Bashir

Gleason, Kristi    Ethnic Kin and Conflict: Mechanisms of Kin Intervention

Grawe, Emily    Optimizing Civil-Military Relations in Modern Warfare

Havens, Jamie    Migrant Labor Incorporation: A Comparative Study of Labor Unions’ Approach to the Immigrant Question in the United States and Spain

Hecht, Amelia    Sarah Palin: Feminist Ideal or Feminist Nightmare?

Knox, Megan    The Guardian of European Rights or National Interests? An Analysis of the EU’s Commitment to Enhancing Roma Rights

Lacombe, Matthew    Presidential Economic Policy: The Effects of Differing Institutional and Contextual Factors on the Economic Policy Formation and Implementation Processes of the President

Law, Allen    White in Spike: White America in the Films of Spike Lee

Lopes, Harrison    US Policy Options for Dealing with Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions

Mackiewicz, Anna    Post-War Legislation: The Immigrant Worker in the U.S. and Britain

Parker, Jermaine    How do FIFA, European, and African Organizations Reinforce and Challenge the Neocolonial Relations Between Europe and Africa? What Policy Implementations Should Each Group Employ in Order to Effectuate a Meaningful Change?

Steinmetz, Lyndsay    A Perfect Storm: How Speech and Spending are Politicizing State Supreme Courts

Watkins, Phillip    How Has the French Welfare State Contributed to Youth Inequality?