Pre-Legal Professions

Year after year, Allegheny graduates distinguish themselves in their law school studies and beyond. The academic rigor, experiential learning opportunities, and in-depth research experiences more than equip students with the skills necessary to succeed in law school.

Like most universities and colleges in the United States, Allegheny College does not offer a major specifically called “pre-law” because law schools do not require any specific major for admission. In fact, the Association of American Law Schools advises students not to pursue specific “pre-law” programs. Instead, it recommends completing precisely the kind of broad-based curriculum featured at Allegheny, so as to develop skills that are absolutely crucial for law school and law careers. The key results are these:

    • The ability to handle abstract ideas;
    • Strong analytic and reasoning skills;
    • Writing and speaking ability;
    • Appreciation of the values of civilization.

Students interested in pursuing a law degree are encouraged to reach out early and maintain connection with the pre-law advisor throughout their academic career to ensure they are on-track academically and gaining experiences outside of the classroom that law schools will value.