Program Facts

Key Allegheny Benefits

  • Especially strong writing and expository skills.
  • An appreciation of human institutions and the values of civilization.
  • The ability to think critically and to analyze data.
  • A broad knowledge base in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences; in short, the sort of liberal arts background valued highly by law schools.
  • Leadership abilities and a wide range of interests, developed by over 100 co-curricular programs.

Allegheny Distinctions

  • A reputation among professional schools for a challenging academic program that produces well-prepared, articulate and successful graduate students.
  • The Senior Project, a significant independent research project or creative project undertaken by all students in the major field.
  • Pre-legal advising from First-year Orientation through Commencement, embracing the entire range of law-related careers (including legal journalism and criminal justice) and providing personal attention to each student.
  • Accessible faculty who help to fit the academic experience to each student’s particular needs and interests.
  • A curriculum that emphasizes analytical reading, writing and thinking skills throughout all four years.
  • 30 strong majors, plus double and student-designed majors.
  • On average, over 85% of Allegheny’s law school applicants are accepted-more than twice the national average.