Purchasing Procedure for Comp-Related Expenses

The Psychology department underwrites the cost of several aspects of the senior project. At present, the Department pays for all or part of the cost for the following:

  • incentive participation
  • animals, chemicals, drugs, etc.
  • purchase of published tests
  • reproduction of experimental materials
  • travel
  • long distance charges

Prior to purchasing ANY supplies for your senior project, you must first speak with your advisor for permission to purchase the items.

Once your advisor grants permission:

  1. You can purchase the items yourself (up to $75 maximum), but when doing so, be sure to keep the original receipt(s) for the purchase as these are required for reimbursement.
  2. Next, complete the Reimbursement Form for Comp-Related Expenses, and submit the form with the original receipt(s) attached to the Psychology department chair (mailbox is in Carnegie 103)
  3. Once the form is signed by the department chair and submitted to Financial Services, you will receive a reimbursement check to your campus mailbox.

A few notes regarding incentive participation (gift cards for a survey raffle):

  • Amazon and Visa/Mastercard gift cards are not allowed.
  • Gift cards should be in $20 increments; therefore you may purchase up to three cards.
  • Suggestions for gift card purchases to local businesses:
    Allegheny Bookstore E Street Eatery Julian’s
    Kettle Lake Kitchen Mannino’s Italian Garden PA Sandwich & Pizza Co
    Pampered Palate Cafe & Bistro Smokey Martins BBQ Tattered Corners Bookstore
    The Whole Darn Thing Vocelli Pizza
  • On the reimbursement form, include the reason for purchases as something similar to: “The gift certificates purchased were used as incentive participation in human research associated with this senior project”.
  • On the reimbursement form, you must include the raffle (gift card) winners (name and ID#), or at the very least, the campus box # of the student winners. Gift card winners could be selected using their SONA ID numbers for the drawing if the survey is to remain anonymous.
  • Secure the senior project advisor’s signature on the reimbursement form as well

Reimbursement Form for Comp-Related Expenses

Depending upon the total cost of the supplies for your senior project, if the cost is excessive for you, please discuss alternative methods of payment with your advisor.

Additionally, if the total cost of the senior project supplies exceeds the $75 available from the Psychology department, you can apply for additional funding through The Class of 1939 Senior Research Fund Application Form.