Submission Checklist

Steps for submission of the Senior Project are listed below.  Final grades will not be submitted until ALL steps have been completed to the satisfaction of the Psychology Department.

1. On your due date by 4 pm, email a PDF of your final project to your First and Second Readers, the department chair (Professor Eckstein), and the Building Coordinator (room 103) . Additionally and at the same time, if required by your First Reader, place a printed copy of your project in your First Reader’s mailbox in Carnegie 103, the main office.
2. Email your First and Second Readers with available days and times to schedule your post-comp oral defense meeting.

3. Complete the Ethics/Institutional Review Board (IRB) Process (for empirical projects only)

  • If you received approval for your project from the Institutional Review Board or Ethics Committee, please consult with your First Reader to determine if you need to complete an IRB Incident Report Form, which is found on the IRB web page. If you do, after clicking the form link, select Make a copy, complete the form, then choose File, Download, Microsoft Word (.docx). Email the completed form to your First Reader, who will send it on to the committee.
  • If your senior project participants completed hard copy consent forms, these must be placed in a sealed envelope and labeled “Informed Consent, Your Name, and the Current Semester and Year” then turn in to the main office, Carnegie 103, (building coordinator is Lori Riggle), unless otherwise instructed.
4. Make your study INACTIVE on the SONA system(for empirical projects only)
5. Complete the Senior Comp Survey: PART 1 and PART 2

6. Review the Library’s Senior Project Submissions page for instructions on:

7. For up to three printed and bound copies of your Project (no charge; billed to the Provost’s office): (optional)

  • Fill out the Comp Form for printing. Students can print their own form or stop by the Print Shop window inside the Bookstore to complete a form there. Print Shop open hours are M-F, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm. Please submit orders 2-3 business days before you need the Comp to be picked up. Special accommodations can be made for rush orders but students must come in person or call (x4839) and speak to Andi Harbold, On-Site Service Specialist, to set this up.
  • Email a PDF copy of your comp to  PDF format ensures that all formatting prints as intended.  If you want any blank pages within the document, you must add them before sending the PDF file (with the exception of cover pages where the front is always printed single sided and the back is blank).
  • Students will be notified by email when their copies are ready to be picked up at the Print/Post window.  Students must specify that they have a comp to pick up and provide the name that the order was submitted under. If a student needs someone else to pick up their comp for them, they must request so by email before coming in person to pick up the project.
  • Bring the copies of your printed comp to the main office, Carnegie 103, and place them in your First Reader’s mailbox so that faculty signatures can be secured.
  • Stop back to Carnegie 103 prior to leaving campus to pick up your signed project.