Careers in Psychology


One of the problems with choosing a career in Psychology is that there are so many options!  Should I go to graduate school or get a job immediately?  Should I concentrate on research or practice?  Human services or industry?  And what about a career in business?  The list goes on and on.

This resources linked to this page will provide you with information on the wide range of options available so you can make an informed decision about your life after Allegheny.  Spend a few minutes and see all the choices you have!

      • Graduate school
        • Includes short descriptions of the work done by many types of psychologists, e.g., forensic psychology.
      • College teaching
        • Yes, you can be a college teacher!
      • Helping professions
        • Detailed descriptions of 15 different helping professions, even includes salary ranges and job prospects
      • What can I do with a BA in psych?
        • Lots of useful information about career opportunities immediately after college
      • Internet resources
        • Links to other useful sites, including an on-line course on careers in psychology
      • Careers in Psychology
      •  If you have a passion for psychology and you enjoy the exploration and cultivation of the human mind, you will enjoy our collection of interviews with some of the top psychologists in the field today. Before deciding if becoming a psychologist is right for you, or before deciding which specialization of psychology best fits you, take a moment and see what these professionals have to say about their own careers.
      • Career Services
        • Not only can career services provide you with great information on job searches and graduate schools, they have a couple of very useful books on careers in psychology, including,
          • Career Paths in Psychology
          • Majoring in Psych?: Career options for psychology undergraduates