Students for Life

Purpose: The purpose of Allegheny College Students for Life (SFL) is to advance our belief that the right to life is fundamental and precious. We value life at all stages, from conception to natural death. We recognize that the following are morally wrong: Abortions, which is an inherently violent procedure that takes the life of a child and damages both women and men; Contraceptives that will cause a child to be aborted after its conception; Euthanasia; Assisted Suicide. Also, we strive to promote non-violent alternatives to the above issues, to promote respect for the inherent dignity of each person, to return legal protection to all people, from the unborn to the sick and elderly, and to advocate for the respect of human life.

President: Chelsea Beggs (2010-2011)

Advisor: Jacquelyn Knaust, Assistant Professor, Chemistry

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