This page contains links to guidelines for the Allegheny College Art Department. Please use these guides but be sure to consult Sherry Vardaro, Building Coordinator, for any changes that may have been made to the guidelines but not yet updated online.

  • The Kleeman Fund
  • The Senior Project in Studio Art
  • The Senior Project in Art History
  • The Doane Prize

Please remember to verify that these guidelines are the correct and most recent guidelines.

The Kleeman Fund

The Art Department is pleased to announce the availability of funds to support significant work in studio art and art history. Monies are available through The Richard Kleeman Research Fund, an endowed fund, created in 1992 in recognition of Professor Kleeman’s 39 years of dedicated teaching at Allegheny College.

All current Allegheny College students who are interested in applying for money from the Richard Kleeman Research Fund are required to submit a written proposal to the chairperson of the Art Department on the form designed for that purpose. Proposals should describe the nature and scope of the project and must include a budget reflecting how funds will be used. Funds will be awarded on a competitive basis to: (1) help defray the expenses of art-related travel and study, (2) help with the expenses of significant senior projects, and (3) help students meet studio or art historical research expenses for other ambitious work.

Further information and application forms may be obtained from department faculty or in the Art Department office. You can fill out the application form online by clicking the link below. PROPOSALS ARE DUE BY 12:00 NOON ON WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 27, 2016 FOR FUNDING DURING THE SPRING 2016 SEMESTER. Completed applications should be submitted to Sherry Vardaro, Art Department Building Coordinator, Art Gallery, Doane Hall of Art. Funding requests should not exceed $350.00. Awards will be determined by the faculty of the Art Department. Award recipients will be notified by February 4, 2016.

To fill out the application form online, use the TAB key on your computer keyboard to move from one tex entry field to the next. When you have completed the form, print it, sign it and submit it to Sherry A. Vardaro, Art Department Building Coordinator.

Click here to access the Kleeman Fund Application form.

Art 620: The Senior Project in Studio Art

Revised and Approved by the Faculty: March 2015

Click here to view the guidelines in pdf form.

Click here for a guide to preparing documentary images.

You may obtain a paper copy of the guidelines from Ms. Sherry Vardaro, the Art Department Building Coordinator.

Art 600 & 610: Senior Project in Art History

Click here to view the guidelines in pdf form.

You may obtain a paper copy of the guidelines from Ms. Sherry A. Vardaro, the Art Department Building Coordinator.

The Doane Prize

The 2001 Foster B. Doane Prizes in Art and Art History

Through the generosity of the late Foster B. Doane, a former Allegheny trustee, awards in art are given annually as a result of a competition. The prizes will be awarded during the opening reception of the student exhibition.

  • Prize in Art History $100, Honorable Mention in Art History $50.
  • Prize in Painting or Drawing $100, Honorable Mention in Painting $50.
  • Prize in Graphics $100 (Printmaking, Computer Art, Photography), Honorable Mention in Graphics $50.
  • Prize in Sculpture or Ceramics $100, Honorable Mention in Sculpture or Ceramics $50.
  • All winners will also receive a book inscribed to indicate the nature of the award.

2016 DUE DATES: Art Entries–Monday March 28 (12:30 – 4:30 PM), Tuesday March 29 (12:30 – 4:30 PM)

See detailed instructions for each category below.

All Entries must be brought to the Art Gallery for the official entry and registration process during the scheduled drop off period of either Monday March 28, 2016 (12:30 – 4:30 PM), or Tuesday March 29, 2016 (12:30 – 4:30 PM). If these times are not workable, special arrangements can be made to drop off the work at an earlier time. Works will not be accepted after 4:30 PM! Any entries which require special provisions prior to jurying – installations, works in series or special groupings, computer or video work, outdoor display, etc.- should be discussed with Prof. Heather Brand no later than Thursday March 10, in order that they may be accommodated. Studio entries may be any body of creative work in one medium that explores related ideas or problems. Entries should not be a random sampling of work in various media or areas. Entries must have been completed since entering Allegheny College. Each work entered must be accompanied by an entry form, filled out and attached to the work for identification purposes. Copies of the entry form are available from the Art Department Building Coordinator or studio art faculty. All work should be presented in a professional manner. If you are submitting works in ceramics or sculpture please indicate preference for pedestal (s). Consult Profs. Geffen, Miller, Prince or Rich if you have any questions concerning entries in studio art.

ART HISTORY Work to be submitted for the prize in art history should be original research presented as 1) a paper or 2) a lecture with slides. Art history papers presented for the competition must be turned in by Tuesday March 29, 2016. Four copies of the paper, each copy punched and placed in a report cover, must be provided by the student. In lieu of a paper, the student may choose to present a topic in an illustrated lecture before the judges. Prof. Carr should be informed of this by Thursday March 10, so that the talk may be scheduled. Either type of presentation should demonstrate the ability to handle a significant art historical problem in a critical and scholarly manner. The student should be able to demonstrate knowledge of original sources and of pertinent literature. A student may present fresh insight on an artist, art work or movement by using either new data or by giving a new interpretation to the available data. Some flexibility in the use of purely scholarly methodology is allowed in the hope that fresh insights may be gained. Written papers should conform to the format established by the Art Department entitled “Guidelines For Art 600”. Copies may be obtained from the Art Department secretary. Contact Prof. Carr or Schindler if you have any questions.

Copies of this notice may be obtained from the Art Department Building Coordinator who is present Monday – Friday 11:00AM – 4:00 PM. All entries will be judged by members of the department and one qualified juror from outside the department.