The Art Department


On behalf of the Allegheny Art Department and our guest juror Madeline Gent, Executive Director of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, we are delighted to recognize prize-winning submissions to the 2020 Annual Student Exhibition. We offer this online version of our student exhibition due to the decision to conduct all Allegheny classes through remote instruction after spring break.

MISSION: The Art Department’s programs are designed to develop a broad intellectual grounding in the traditions of the visual arts through an understanding of Studio Art practice and Art History, coupled with knowledge from other disciplines. Students learn to discriminate between the processes of production, interpretation, and evaluation, and to think creatively about all aspects of artistic problem solving. Through the examination and creation of original works of Art, students learn to contextualize artworks, and understand the relationships between praxis, theory, and history.


Studio Art

Progresses from broad exploration of visual art toward specialization in a chosen medium.

Art, Science, and Innovation Major

Art, Science, and Innovation is an interdisciplinary major that prepares students to become cultural innovators and critical makers prepared to produce works of visual art that can transcend disciplinary boundaries and promote greater cultural and technological awareness, while creatively contributing to STEM fields. Students work at the intersections of art, science, culture, and technology to develop the technical skills and critical capacities required to lead, create and innovate in their artistic practice and in any number of commercial applications.

Double and self-designed majors encouraged.

Minor Programs

Studio Art

Art, Science, and Innovation