Technical skills + critical thinking = transformative outcomes

The Allegheny Lab for Innovation & Creativity (ALIC) is an ecosystem of resources that give students the tools to best demonstrate the skills they’ve learned while at Allegheny in their post-graduation lives. From co-op programs to grants and micro-credentials, ALIC is where we show you how to turn your Allegheny liberal arts education into a transformative experience.

The physical space that is the Allegheny Lab for Innovation & Creativity (ALIC) is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary and college-wide resource designed to educate students and staff in the use and application of emerging and established digital fabrication and design tools and encourage broader engagement with these tools across disciplines. The lab empowers students, researchers and faculty across the curriculum to design and build prototypes of products, scientific equipment, artistic projects, robots, virtual environments, video games, smart devices and anything else they can imagine in a facility equipped with an array of sophisticated digital equipment.

The lab is a space where science and the humanities intersect, providing hands-on experience with technology and opportunities to think critically about its context, history and implications.

Lab Walkthrough

The ALIC consists of two distinct resources:

The fabrication lab houses 3D printers, laser cutters and a CNC/plasma cutter.  We work with:

  • Aluminum (CNC & Laser Cutter)
  • Plexi (CNC & Laser Cutter)
  • Wood (CNC)
  • MDF (CNC)
  • PLA/SLA (3D printing)
  • Composites (CNC & Laser Cutter)
  • Foam (CNC & Laser Cutter)
  • Acrylic (CNC & Laser Cutter)

The computer lab contains 26 design and game development computers and is designed for:

  • VR/AR development
  • Photo editing
  • Video editing
  • Sound editing
  • App development
  • Data research
  • Web development
  • 3D design
  • Programming
  • GIS