Occupational Wellness

Finding satisfying work; a balance between work and leisure; enjoying responsibilities and challenges; having positive attitudes about work.

Staff members from Allegheny’s Office of Career Services in ACCEL suggest that students:

  • Get to know yourself…your interests and passions…explore new ideas and activities
  • Register as a member of the ACCEL database–the source for internship and experiential learning opportunities, many which are Allegheny College specific.
  • Visit the office to browse the resources in the ACCEL library to explore future options. Learn about possible internships, career paths and/or graduate school programs, as well as study abroad opportunities, service-learning and community service.
  • Watch for announcements (fliers, banners, newspaper ads, etc.) and take advantage of a variety of ACCEL programs, events and activities.
  • Get involved with student organizations to explore interests outside of the classroom and consider taking on leadership roles.
  • Create an initial resume using the guides available from Career Services.
  • Meet with a career counselor to discuss plans, dreams and goals and how to achieve them! Counselors also facilitate self-assessment inventories such as the Myers-Briggs and “card sort” which are wonderful tools in identifying interests and compatible work environments.
  • Network, network, network! Reach out to alumni, take advantage of job shadowing opportunities and pursue internships!
  • Visit Career Services/ACCEL “early and often!”. If we don’t know you, we can’t help you! And don’t wait to be great—career planning is an ongoing process that should take place during all four years of college.

The following is a selection of related talks, workshops or other events held by professional staff associated with Allegheny College and available for your group at your request.

Michaelene Shuman, Director, Career Services, 332-2381, ACCEL, Reis Hall (contact Michaelene for specifics)

Jim Fitch, Associate Director of Career Services, ACCEL, 332-2381

  • Exploring your talents and interests
  • A simple choice – making choices that support a sense of satisfaction and enrichment
  • Goal setting