IDEAS (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access, & Social Justice) Center


IDEAS Center is the social/emotional brave space providing support and validation of the experiences of under-resourced student populations.  The center also provides a gathering place for dialogue and support surrounding the concerns of inclusion, diversity, equity, access and social justice.


Through authentic interactions that promote self-awareness, the IDEAS Center provides a space that encourages, educates, and empowers under-resourced student populations.


The IDEAS Center strives to engage students in meaningful opportunities and conversation recognizing the importance of the impact of personal culture and how culture can influence our community. As a student-driven advocacy center, we provide educational opportunities to students through collaboration with campus partners on issues of inclusion, diversity, equity, access and social justice and support the ideals of unity and community within the campus and the greater Meadville community.


As a center, we commit to:

  • Being an intermediary for students in identifying best resources to meet their needs socially, academically, emotionally, and financially.
  • Offer resources for those students that may be facing essential barriers to success including food insecurity, providing basic necessities, etc.
  • Provide leadership development and programmatic support to the Culture, Identity, and Leadership Coalition.
  • Through programming, support students in meaningful ways to promote their overall well-being.


Students that have a greater sense of belonging have a higher likelihood of retaining and persisting to graduation.  By providing these intentional services, we will increase retention rates through supportive interventions and campus collaborations.