First-Gen Forward Initiatives

As an institution that is nationally recognized for our support of First-Generation College students, Allegheny is committed to supporting first-gen students in intentional ways. Allegheny is a place where first generation students thrive. A first-generation student is a student for whom neither parent has completed a four-year degree at the time of student’s matriculation or their primary support person at the time the student was age 16 had not yet complete a four-year degree. Allegheny class of 2021 is 29% first generation and more than half of our senior administrative team were the first in their family to go to college. At Allegheny, we’re first!

Our support doesn’t end with the programs below, these are simply a highlight of the ways in which we engage our First-Generation College students:

  • Module B Courses.  First-year, First-Gen students are encouraged to enroll in a sequence of 7-week courses to help in supporting them throughout the first year.  During their first semester, students can enroll in Thriving as a First-Generation College Student where we discuss the challenges faced as a first-generation student as well as available resources, how to navigate college and how to sustain success.  During the spring of their first year, students are encouraged to enroll in our Module B course designed to prepare students for summer, entering into their second year and how to maintain success.
  • First-Gen half day conference.  In November, students are encouraged to participate in a First-Gen conference where they will have opportunity to engage with First-Gen faculty and staff as well as receive professional development.
  • First-Gen Potluck.  Once a semester, First-Gen faculty and staff host a potluck meal for First-Gen students as an opportunity to connect and share in their experiences.
  • National First-Gen Day.  We celebrate our First-Gen Students through a signing day where students can sign an annual banner, receive First-Gen swag, take a picture with Chompers and embrace their First-Gen identity.
  • First-Gen Pinning and Graduation Celebration.  First-Gen Seniors have achieved a tremendous accomplishment and we acknowledge that!  Seniors are recognized during our Graduation Celebration as well as participating in a First-Gen Pinning ceremony where seniors receive a gold alum pin as well as recognition in a formal ceremony prior to commencement where families can join in celebrating their First-Gen seniors.