1st Gen at Allegheny

Allegheny is a place where first generations students thrive. A first-generation student is a student for whom neither parent has completed a four-year degree at the time of student’s matriculation. Allegheny class of 2021 is 29% first generation and more than half of our senior administrative team were the first in their family to go to college. At Allegheny, we’re first!

We have multiple avenues of support for first-gen students.

  • FiGLi (First Generation Low Income) Student group
  • First Gen welcome lunch
  • First Gen graduation celebration
  • We’re First wristbands
  • First Gen Alumni Mentoring & Shadowing Program (FAMS)

Transgender at Allegheny

Chosen Name:

The Chosen Name Policy at Allegheny College supports students seeking to change their names without pursuing a legal name change. Students who list a preferred or familiar name on their admissions application automatically have their preferred names entered into the college system.

We also believe that empowering students with the option to change their name contributes to a safe and non-discriminatory college experience. Reasons for name changes may include transgender or gender non-conforming identities, international students or other students who wish to adopt an English language name, students known by names that are different from their legal names, or students who have popular names who wish to use a different name. Please note that some records may require the use of legal names only, such as federal and medical documentation.

Fill out the chosen name form here to start the process

All-Gender Restrooms:

Allegheny College is committed to having safe and accessible campus restroom facilities. We recommend that individuals make choices about restroom usage based on their own level of comfort and/or their gender identity or expression.
Currently, there are single stall restrooms in most campus buildings. All of our single stall restrooms are “all gender” restrooms, providing space for anyone, regardless of gender identity, to use that restroom. We also have all gender multi-user restrooms, meaning that multiple people can be in that restroom, regardless of gender identity.
Our campus map has a layer to view the all gender restrooms. Look under “Campus Life” on the map here:

Trans/Non-Binary MeetUp:

The Trans/Non-Binary MeetUp is a once a month gathering of transgender and non-binary students staff and faculty. Sometimes we just hang out and offer each other support and answer questions from our personal experience. We also do group outings such as bowling, trans pool takeover, and more.

Allegheny Dreamers

Info coming soon