Counseling and Personal Development Center

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Services Offered

At the Counseling and Personal Development Center, we provide a variety of services for Allegheny students. Please review our Connecting to Services for information on how to get set up with services.

Brief Therapy / Individual Counseling
On-going counseling services with the CPDC Office every 2-3 weeks. Typically a student is seen over 1-3 sessions, however, there are no session limits with our office.
Urgent/Crisis Services
Students in need of immediate assistance should call the 24/7 Line (814) 332-2105, the Public Safety Office (814) 332-3357, or dial 911.
Group CounselingWeekly sessions with 8-10 other students and 1 counselor focusing on a specific common issue.
Drop-In Services
Students with mid-to-minor level concerns may request a Drop-In appointment which will connect them to a counselor for one 25 minute session within predetermined DI time slots. Drop-In appointments are not walk-ins. The CPDC office does not offer walk-in’s. Drop-Ins must be scheduled ahead of time, and are generally accommodated within 48 business hours. For immediate assistance, please use one of the resources in Urgent/Crisis Services.
Outreach & Programming
The CPDC Office has the capability to provide workshops, presentations, and training on various topics for specific groups (i.e. athletic teams, staff, faculty, etc.)
Care Management & Referrals
As hard as we try, Allegheny’s CPDC Office cannot always meet the needs of each individual student. Our counselors will work with students to identify local or telehealth providers who meet their clinical needs and help with the referral process.

Are you in need of immediate support?

Please contact the 24/7 Line at (814) 332-2105 to speak to a counselor right away.