Immunizations and Insurance

Health Insurance

Per Allegheny Policy, all students are required to carry adequate health insurance that can be used in the Meadville area. Students are required to upload proof of insurance prior to the start of the year. Students can upload pictures of their cards through their self-service.

Questions about insurance provided by Allegheny College, please contact Financial Services at 814-332-2360.

Release of Immunization Records

Occasionally students need to have their health immunization records mailed or faxed to another college, grad school, or a new employer. In order for us to provide these records, we need to have an Authorization for the release of health information form completed. You may print out this form below, and email the completed form to Your records will be sent out within 2 weeks of us receiving the release.

Allegheny College Medical Release Form

Medical records regarding visits to Winslow Health Center are kept by Meadville Medical Center. For more information contact, Winslow Health Center M-F, 10am-3pm at 814-332-4355.


View a list of all required immunizations (other than Covid-19). If you are requesting an exemption for a required immunization (other than Covid-19), please complete the online Google Immunization Exempt Request.

To upload your immunizations, admitted students can access their new student portal.