Wellness is an act of practicing habits that help keep us strong physically, and mentally resilient to the many challenges that life can throw our way. Allegheny College acknowledges and supports the importance of holistic wellness in our community. We understand that all students are unique and individual in their needs. In order to be our best, we seek to find balance in all areas of our life.


We are excited to announce that Allegheny College and Edinboro Counseling and Psychological Services (ECPS) are partnering to provide students with in-person therapy services at the Winslow Health and Wellbeing Center located in Schultz Hall.  Students will have access to individual counseling sessions with licensed clinicians, as well as opportunities to participate in therapeutic group counseling.

There are multiple ways for Allegheny students to connect with ECPS to set up an appointment:

  1. Call ECPS directly at 814-734-3975 to schedule an appointment
  2. Contact the Wellness Case Manager by emailing wellness@allegheny.edu or calling 814-332-2782
  3. Students can fill out a self-referral form and drop it off at Winslow Health Center in the ECPS drop box located beside the waiting room.

Winslow Health Center CampusCare 98.6 App Wise Center

Not sure where to start?

Explore the choices below to find out more about the wellness support Allegheny offers.


Finding personal enrichment and sustainable passion from the work you choose to do.


Identifying a sense of purpose and a set of structured beliefs/morals that gives one’s life personal meaning and value.


Having the ability to create and maintain healthy relationships with family, friends, and colleagues/coworkers.  Having a sense of belonging, connection, community.


Caring for your body in order to promote healthy physical development.


Having an active and inquisitive mind, capable of utilizing available resources positively to enhance knowledge.


Having knowledge and resources to be able to financially plan and maintain personal needs and wants successfully.


Having appropriate resources to identify and sustain a safe and nurturing physical and social environment.


Having respect for self and others, and possessing the coping skills necessary to overcome hardship and setback.

  1. Edinboro Counseling and Psychological Services
  2. CampusCare 98.6
  3. wellness@allegheny.edu
  4. 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline


Having the ability to identify and monitor our health and safety while utilizing technology.