Class Deans

The Office of Class Deans within the Maytum Center for Student Success serves as a place for students to begin seeking assistance and answers to their questions related to college life. All students would benefit from getting to know their class dean.

You are not on this journey alone, in life or at Allegheny. Your Class Deans will be there for you every step of the way to make sure that you have the individual attention and support you need to realize your goals.

What We Do

  • Connect students to resources and opportunities to help fulfill their educational goals.
  • Provide a Dean who is dedicated to the oversight and guidance of each class year.
  • Establish one-on-one relationships between the students, their class dean, and other resources on campus.
  • Help students develop educational goals and complete their graduation requirements.
  • Collaborate with faculty to support student success in the classroom.
  • Facilitate access to academic and non-academic support services.
  • Support student transitions as they navigate their undergraduate years.
  • Helps students successfully complete their academic career and personal goals.
  • Work with the Residential Education Office to provide holistic support in and out of the residence hall.

Ways We Support Students

    We collaborate with faculty advisors and staff members from many other offices across the College to help make sure all of our students have the support they need to realize their goals.

    We enjoy meeting and getting to know students throughout the year. We meet with students to discuss academic advising, personal issues, and College policies. We can provide information about College resources and make referrals as needed. And if you are experiencing any academic difficulties, we encourage you to meet with your dean.

    You are invited to schedule individual appointments with your class deans to consult about various academic, personal, and social issues. These include:

      • selecting courses
      • identifying and structuring a major
      • planning for off-campus study
      • arranging for leave term opportunities
      • resolving personal and family encumbrances or hardships
      • maximizing the Allegheny experience (academic and co-curricular)

Schedule a Meeting

    Students are welcome to visit our offices on the first floor of the Pelletier Library in the Maytum Center for Student Success, during drop-in times for quick questions with your Class Dean, or appointments can be scheduled online using Google Calendar. Students can also email their Class Dean directly to set up a meeting.

First-Year Class Dean