Maytum Center for Student Success Administrators and Staff

Ian Binnington
Dean for Student Success, Professor of History and Black Studies

Erin O’Day-Frye
Associate Dean, Maytum Center for Student Success

Niki M. Fjeldal
First Year Class Dean & Director of Allegheny Bound Orientation

Jennifer Foxman
Associate Dean for Case Management

Jennifer Franz
TESOL Instructor/Learning Specialist

John Mangine
Senior Assistant Dean of Disability Services

Carly Masiroff
Assistant Dean for Academic Support

Lenée McCandless
Assistant Dean for International Student Services

Jennifer N. McDonough
Academic Support Specialist/Life Coach

Tiffany Hrach ’01
Office Manager, Maytum Center for Student Success

Kirsten A. Peterson
Senior Assistant Dean for Health Professions Advising

Patrick Jackson
Assistant Dean for Fellowship Advising and Pre-Law Advisor